Clubs and Societies


The Interact year opened its annual programme in September 2013 with prospective interactors launching various programmes and preliminary projects to showcase their capabilities. The installation of the new office bearers was held in October 2013. On the 2nd of March 2014 the members of the club organised a Medical camp at Galgamuwa in the Kurunegala district to provide free medical services and medicine to the needy people in the area. 10 doctors volunteered to provide their services free of charge, facilitating the treatment of 300 people at the camp and be given medicine free of charge.

On Saturday the 15th March, the Interactors organised the Stafford Walk which culminated in a fair. The proceeds of this fair amounting to Rs.325,000/- were donated to The Friend in Need Society for Jaipur Feet.

At present the Interact Club, in collaboration with The Water Board, is making preliminary preparations for a water supply project to provide pure water to a poverty-stricken, remote village in Mannar District. We believe that social and charity work of this nature will build up a sensitized awareness of human suffering in our students, making them emotionally rich individuals.


The Junior and the Senior choirs of Stafford International School contribute much to the enrichment of the aesthetic aspect of the school. The Senior Choir performed in the Charity Concert "Via Veneto" held in October 2013. Both choirs participate in the Carol Service held at the…… Cathedral during the Christmas season annually, and provide a delightful evening to an appreciative audience. The Senior choir was invited to perform at the prestigious Sangeet Festival in Dubai this year. The choristers showcased their versatility, singing in nine different languages, blending oriental and western musical traditions. It was their second international concert tour since their performance at the National university of Singapore two years ago. The choir is trained by Mr Francis D' Almeida, who conducts choir practices every Thursday.


The Senior Debating Society of Stafford International School successfully organised and hosted the second annual Inter-international School Debating Tournament in 2013 September. Several international schools participated in the tournament.

Apart from this, Class-based debating competitions are organized annually, to promote oratorical and debating skills of our students. At the annual interclass debating competition held in March this year Rakbo Perera emerged the best debater in the senior category.

The school has engaged the services of a lawyer and an experienced debater who has won the prize for the all island best debater in the recent past, to coach and conduct debating workshops for our students, on a weekly basis. The performance of our students at debating events manifests how much they have benefited from these sessions.

The debating B team, comprising Nikhil Mahadeva, Rakbo Perera and Alanna Gunasekera, won it's way to the finals of the Lilian Nixon's Novices Challenge Shield Tournament hosted by Ladies College, one of the largest debating tournaments in the country, and emerged the all island runner up.

The Debating Society will also participate in the Annual All Island DebatingTournament organizes by the Law Faculty of the Colombo University.


Model United Nations (MUN) attempts to simulate the proceedings of the United Nations, whilst providing students with the opportunity to take on the role of a diplomat, working to resolve some of the most pressing global issues, during the course of the conference.

The Colombo operated Model United Nations concluded its 20th session in *March 2014, at which foreign student delegates also participated. Our former Head Prefect of , Taryan Odayar, is the President of the General Assembly for 2013/2014, while Celine Perera, our current Deputy Head Prefect was the Vice Chair of the General Assembly 3 for COMUN.

Two student delegates from our school, Rakbo Perera and Nikhil Mahadeva won awards at COMUN 2014, with Rakbo receiving an Honorary Mention for his performance at the Security Council and Nikhil receiving a Higher Commendation for his performance at the International Court of Justice.

Sri Lanka Model United Nation

Delegates for the Sri Lanka Model United Nations comprise student representatives from all over the island as well as delegates from South East Asia. These student delegates are offered the opportunity to debate on current international issues on a public forum. In the year under review Stafford was afforded the opportunity to send 8 delegates, in view of the good performance at the previous conferences. The Deputy Head Prefect of Stafford International School, Celine Perera who was the delegate for The Central African Republic of the African Union, won the award for presenting the best position paper.

The Vice President of the School Debating Society, Rakbo Perera, has the distinction of being appointed to the SLMUN Executive Committee, a position which is vied for by many students.


The Scrabble Club of Stafford International School comprises 25 members and is categorized into three teams on the basis of the ages of the members- the Senior, intermediate and the Junior category. Our Scrabble Club has a track record of outstanding performances in tournaments, both in Inter – International Championships & All island Inter – School championships.

The following attest to the outstanding performance of the Scrabble Team during the year under review. At the Inter International Schools' Scrabble Championship, organised by Lyceum International School, Wattala, on 5thth of Feb 2014, Anoop Goonawardena and Akshaya Jryakumar of the Intermediate Team obtained Top Game Wins. Our Senior Scrabble Team won the Championship Trophy on many occasions while the intermediate Team emerged the 2nd runner up at the last tournament.

The SIS International Scrabble Club strives to continue their excellent performance and further improve their skills and knowledge of the game, in the coming years.

The Commerce Society-2013\2014

The first ever Commerce Day of Stafford International School was organized by the Commerce Society on the theme "Effectivo", which means money in Spanish.

The organization of preliminary activities pertaining to the Commerce Day, was a rewarding experience to everyone.

To maximize the involvement of all the commerce students in the Commerce Day the Commerce Society organized a "commerce quiz" on the of 3rdMarch 2014 wherein 69 students participated and 8 students were selected for the final round. The winning contestants of Stafford International School also competed with the representatives from invited schools, on the Commerce Day.

The committee worked energetically to meet the demands of Commerce the Day. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Mr. Reza Zarook. Various demonstrations, dances, skits and speeches gave variety to the day which concluded with a Commerce quiz.

The ICT Society- 2013/2014

The ICT Society of Stafford International School held its very first installation, wherein board members were appointed for the year 2013/2014.

The ICT Day of Stafford International School entitled "CYBERHIVE 2014", was held on the 20th of February 2014. IT related activities, such as Quiz Competitions, Animation and Digital Film competitions, formed the main events of the agenda on this day. The audience witnessed presentations conducted by Mr. Boshan Dayaratne on "Cyber Security". Mr. Dhanajaya Hettiarachchi delivered an inspiring speech. Nirooshan Arjuna, Kleesha Perera, Nikhil Mahadeva, Aaquib Hussain and Vinura Jayawardena participated in "Occulus 14" , the IT Day of D.S. Senanayake College on the 3rd of February 2014. They emerged runners up at one of the IT competitions entitled "Startup Idea Presentation Competition".

The Advanced Level students offering IT as a subject participated in a work shop named "Hour of Code" which was oraganised by APPIT. The main objective of this workshop was to help school children to develop logical thinking skills, using what they called 'an hour's walk through tutorials', developed by, a US based foundation.

Apart from this, our students took part in IT programmes organised by IT societies of St Thomas' College and Bishop's College. At the Digital Art Competition held by Colombo International School Swedha Pathmanarayan in year 6, won a merit award.


The Aviation club was established in October 2012 as students displayed a deep interest in aeronautics. So far the membership of the club has been restricted to 30, comprising students from the O/L , A/S and A/L classes. 16 club members visited the Katunayake Airport with Capt. Liyanagoda who is in charge of the Air Buses at Sri Lankan air ways. Our students were given an opportunity to get first hand information about the aviation facilities and other aspects of the aviation Industry. Two talks were delivered by eminent personalities in the aviation field from Sri Lanka Airways and Cosmos aviation. We are thankful to Captain Liyanagoda for all the help and guidance given.

Science Society

One of the prime goals of the Science Society is to educate children by allowing them to explore their surroundings and nature, and to build up awareness of the important role played by flora and fauna in the echo system. With this objective in view, an educational excursion to the Negombo Lagoon was organsed to observe the Mangrove Ecosystem. Our students were granted the opportunity to explore nature and take part in many activities.

The annual Science exhibition held on the 25th of April 2014 was a great success. Students were afforded the opportunity to create their own exhibits, projects or inventions to be displayed at this exhibition. It was observed that there was an enhancement in the quality of the exhibits displayed , impressing everyone with the innate skills and inventive powers of our students.

Every year the science society pays special attention towards imbuing in our students a sense of charity and generosity. This year the following donations were made from the funds collected by the society;

* Donated stationery items to Lady Fathima Church – Colombo
* Made a financial donation The Cancer Society.
* Gave Stationery items to Kumara Uthayam Tamil Vidyalaya – Wellawatte.
* Donated foot ball kits to the Senior Foot Ball Team of Hewawitharana Maha Vidyalaya – Borella

The Senior Members of the Science Society raised funds and donated, Shoes, Material for School uniforms, School bags and Stationery to Gothamigama Primary School at Katharagama


The focus of the agenda planned for the year under review was CHOGM. The History Society of SIS organized an exhibition and a presentation entitled 'Petals of a flower'.

Students from Year 6 to Form 4 sacrificed much time and energy to create exhibits and computer presentations, carrying information about Commonwealth countries to highlight the importance of the occasion. The purpose of this event was to create awareness among school children and to instil in them the significance of the occasion and the part Sri Lanka played as the hosting nation. Our theme, was 'Petals of a flower' and it represented the coloured spin wheel used by Sri Lanka as the logo on this occasion.

The Chief Guest was the Principal, Ms. SunethraTaldena, while the Guest of Honour was Mr. AbhayaAmaradasa, the Chairman of Lake House. A number of invited schools and parents participated in this ceremony which was held in the school auditorium from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm. Variety was added by computer presentations and musical items from all four grades. The Exhibition commenced soon after the opening ceremony, on the First floor of the main building. Certificates were awarded to those who secured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.


The Math Club was created with the goal of increasing the interest and creating awareness of the importance of maths among students of all ages.

Since its creation in 2015, the club has organized some successful events, The first ever inter house math quiz was held in 2015 which comprised of team events with high participation.

Several teams selected were enrolled for the STEM competition organized by SAITEM Institute as a National Event. In 2016, the Math Club had their section of Exhibits and games at the "KALEIDOSCOPE" Event.

As a Club we aim to increase the interest in math's within students by organizing events such as the math quiz, and also give them the Opportunity to develop and user their skills in math and logic and encourage a competitive spirit in the medium. Members gain skills in teamwork and organizing of events and taking responsibility from a young age.


The Drama Society of Stafford International School has been active since 2014 and was started by five senior students under the guidance of Mrs. K.L. Haththotuwegama. The Society not only undertakes the performance of a play at the annual concert, they have also participated in competitions such as the CBB Annual Inter-School Drama Competition.

The Drama Society comprises students from Form 1 and above and has both a senior and junior cast for performances. The Society also organizes workshops after school hours conducted by its senior members or professionals called for the occasion Any student is welcome to attend to encourage them to explore their full capabilities. The students are also taken for noteworthy plays and dramas performed by local and international theatre groups in Colombo.


Stafford International School established a Media Club on Friday 25th November 2016 with the objective of increasing the understanding of students about Mass media. The mission of this club is to inform, educate and entertain. We are a Club dedicated to showcasing the work of our students. For those interested in audio recording, reporting, directing, script writing, video editing, graphic design or camera work, this is the club for you. We hope to provide training by inviting experts in these fields. Some of the activities planned out for the coming term are publishing a thought-provoking newsletter, encouraging students to capture scenes and events through camera, and to have their own media blog.

The first event planned for this term is an address by the well-known TV personality Mr.Chevaan Daniel of MTV fame to address our students on telecasting techniques which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday morning, November 30th 2016 in the school auditorium.

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