Stafford students win glory at the Cambridge Examinations
Stafford International School, Colombo 7, is glad to announce the glorious achievements of her students, at the Cambridge International Examinations. 

A total of 20 awards were bagged by Stafford students, comprising ‘High Achievement Awards’, ‘Top in Country Awards’,’ ‘Top in the World Awards’, “Best Across 8 (subjects)’ Cambridge O/Ls- June2016’, ‘Best Across 3 ( subjects)’- Cambridge A/S Levels-June 2016.

Cambridge International Examination A/S Levels-2016

Niroshnee Ranjan- Literature in English- Top in the World

Niroshnee Ranjan- 1st Place, Best Across Three( Subjects) Cambridge International A/Level

Niroshnee who is the current Head Prefect of Stafford International School, showcases superb multi-task skills in her ability to balance academics with extra-curricular activities.  Apart from her duties as the Head Prefect, she is actively involved in numerous extracurricular activities, such as debating, MUN, School Choir and Interact. 

Anuki Siyara Jayaweera- Biology – Top in Country
Anuki Siyara Jayaweera-  Chemistry – Top in Country

Cambridge O/Levels –June 2016

Anudi Nuthra Ascharya Bandara-  Chemistry -Top in country 
Anudi Nuthra Ascharya Bandara- Physics - Top in country 
Anudi Nuthra Ascharya Bandara- 1st place – Best Across 8(subjects)Cambridge International  O/Level
Anudi Nuthra Ascharya Bandara- 8A*s at Cambridge O/ Level

Deshan Yasas Jayawardeane-  Additional Mathematics – Top in the Country
Deshan Yasas Jayawardeane-  Mathematics Syllabus D- Top in Country
Deshan Yasas Jayawardeane-  7 A*s at the Cambridge O/Levels 

Akshaya Jayakarunakaran- 7A* at Cambridge O/ Levels

Awards for High Achievement-Cambridge International Examination

Don Ryan Vimukthi DeVas Gunasekara- Economics – High Achievement – November 2015 A/S Level 

Janith Manthila Goonatilake- Biology-High Achievement -November 2015 A/S Level
Janith Manthila Goonatilake- 3A* - June 2016 A /Level Examinantion

Lakshitha Preme Sathiarajah- Accounting- High Achievement- November 2015 A/S Level

Anuk Mahiram Vasu – Physics - Accounting- High Achievement- November 2015 A/S Level

Shawn Ravishka Fernando- - 3A* at the June2016 A Level Examination

Sonali Dilki Jayatilaka - 3A*s at June 2016 A Level Examination

Tishan Vigneswaran- Further Mathematics – High Achievement- June 2016 A Level Examination

Recently Updated

Academic Director- Mr. Suvin Wettimuny
Stafford International School is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Suvin Wettimuny as the Academic Director of the School. 

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New Appointments
Specialised Sports and fitness coach - Mr. Roshan Raghavan

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Record-breaking performances
Nisha Nilaweera of Stafford International school established a new national record bringing
home the Gold medal clocking 29.25 seconds

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There has been a change in leadership at Stafford International School
Mrs. Gowri Palipane, A Bsc.Hons. Graduate armed with a Certificate-“Improvement Science in Education” awarded by the University of Michigan, USA takes over the reins of the school after serving for several years in the capacity of Deputy Pri
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Stafford students win glory at the Cambridge Examinations
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