About School

Since 1986 Strive Towards the Light

A very warm welcome to Stafford International School where students are placed firmly at the centre.

Not only are we one of the oldest international schools in Colombo spanning 60 years, we are an exciting and progressive learning community that annually produces some of the very best iGCSE and A Level results in the Sri Lanka. In 2020, we excelled at the Cambridge Learner Awards, achieving the best IGCSE/O Level results in the country.

We also boast an expansive extracurricular program and we that an all-round education and life beyond the classroom is an essential part of what we offer. We believe that Co-Curricular Activities broaden horizons, and instil a sense of resilience, leadership, teamwork and decision-making, complementing what goes in the academic curriculum.


Mr. Simon Northcott

At Stafford, we aim to provide an education that not only acts as a preparation for life after school, but also recognises that these years are precious and should be enjoyable, memorable, and transformative. 

Our future-focused curriculum and outstanding co-curriculum are underpinned by pro-active pastoral care, which will enable your daughters and sons to flourish at school and long into the future. 

Above all, Stafford is a welcoming community that values learning and human relationships, which are the bedrock of a successful and happy life. Pupils are encouraged to take part and play their part so that they become committed and fulfilled members of their communities hereafter.

While academic success is crucial and a regular occurrence here, we seek to educate fully. As a historian I am fully aware of intelligent historical figures who have used their intelligence to perpetrate evil. We therefore aim to not only make our pupils intelligent and academically successful but to help our pupils to learn to become positive contributors to society and above all humane to all. 

I am proud to be the Headmaster of this great and grounded school. I hope that you will visit us so that you can see, hear and feel what makes Stafford so special. 

Cambridge Learner Awards 2019