Top Schools In Colombo | August - September Edition

February 2022 Edition

A Thousand and One Nights
For those of you who may not know, “A Thousand and One Nights” is a compelling collection of middle eastern stories told within a period of one thousand and one nights.The narration is done by Sheherazade …
By Akayla Gonawela
Stafford International Sets New Heights at Inter-International Swim Relay
On 5th Feburary, Stafford International’s swim team, the Stafford Sharks attended the Inter-International Swim Relay held at Sugathadasa Stadium…
By Nethraa Vigneswaran

How Chocolate Became The Treat We All Love Today
Most people today can’t imagine life without chocolate. Therefore, they are really lucky that they weren’t born before the 16th century, before chocolate was popularised around the world. Before the 16th century…
By Mukarram Jameel
What’s happening Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka has always been a patriotic country, and this reaches its biggest annual spike on the 4th of February, Sri Lanka’s official Independence Day. The exact date in 1948 saw Sri Lanka gain independence from the British rule …
By Amaya Perera
Spider-Man No Way Home: Worth or Worthless the watch?
A good movie can help us escape everyday life (even if it’s for just 120 minutes). It can make time stand still, it slyly forges an empathetic bond between us and the protagonists …
By Aasif Imran

Love is in the air
Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day, a day of love and appreciation- whether it be platonic or romantic- takes place every year, on the 14th February …
By Nethraa Vigneswaran
The Cast of “A Thousand and One Nights”
What do you love about the role you’re playing and did your character have to go through any challenges? – “In terms of story line its one big challenge…
By Aasif Imran

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