August - September Edition

Designing Dreams
The design club of Stafford International School had its first workshop for all students above the grade of form 3 on the 7th of July. The workshop was named “exploring illustrations” and was conducted by the Academy of Design’s lecturer Samantha Weerawardane.
By Chithru Gunawardena
There’s No Way Out!
If you haven’t already heard of the upcoming spider-man film, then there’s no doubt you’re living under a rock. The long -anticipated trailer for the movie is finally out and it you haven’t seen it get off that godforsaken chair and watch it!!!!Tom Hollands third movie ...
By Veroni Perera
The International Literacy Day
Literacy refers to the ability of people to read and write. Even though the literacy rate of many developed countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America is at 99%, there are many less developed countries ...
By Akindu Pathirage

The Social Services Club
During this grave threat of COVID-19, I am sure everyone one of us has endured and struggled with the issues this critical global crisis. During this time, it is asked of us to stay strong and safe not only for ourselves but the good of others.
By Anagi Kariyawasam
The Culinary Arts Club
The Culinary Arts Club of Stafford International School is a club focused on inculcating artistic talents via the kitchen, and aims to encourage students to cook, bake and eat healthy.
By Aneek De Mel

Outstanding Wins At Latest MUN Conference
Determined members of Stafford International School’s Model United Nations (MUN) Society recently participated in their first MUN conference for the year- MCMUN 2021.
By Ramudhi de Silva
What’s hidden in the harmony?
It may come as no surprise that musical artists choose to express themselves through their music. Every note, lyric and beat let them paint a bigger picture and divulge a longer story.
By Thisagi Jayasekara
Clubs and Societies
Clubs and Societies have always been an integral part of Stafford’s culture, motivating students to pursue their interests, make a difference or learn something new. The past year has seen the opening of ...
By Amaya Perera

Not your ‘Barbie Girl’
Thinking back to that phase between the ages of 5 and 10 as a 2010’s girl, much of what I remember are fluffy dresses, fairy-tales and nail polish, all in a shade of hot pink, spiced up with a dash of glitter. Girly was the trend, from the things we wore, the content we consumed, and the ideas we internalized; especially those that valued us for fragility, gentility and silence.
By Amaya Perera
A Nostalgic Retrospect
The Gavel Club of Stafford International School isn’t merely a platform for members to master public speaking; it is a tight-knit community where members learn an array of priceless skills. Since the dawn of the Gavel Club, we have made sure that our members are provided an immensely wondrous experience that will greatly benefit their futures!
By Shenodh Peramunugama and Ramudhi de Silva

Be Kind
The Animal Rescue Club of Stafford International School worked on a project called “Be Kind”. The objective of this project was to motivate students to care for animals that they themselves may not own and help them promote the wellbeing of stray animals in the vicinity.
By Aiana Gonawela
TED-Ed and their targets
The TED-Ed club is a club which, working under the internationally recognized organization “TED” aims to ignite and celebrate the exchange of ideas and knowledge within its members and spread these ideas via well-crafted speeches around the world.
By Chrishelle Sathiarajah
Dedication and the Drama Club
The drama club of Stafford International School has been quite busy during these distressing times with auditions and big plans for a new upcoming production! In the midst of preparing for the play we have carried ...
By Rayanka Jayawardane

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