Term 1 – Newsletter (2023)

Start of Year Newsletter

A Level Success.

I would like to welcome you all back to another exciting year at Stafford International School. Before
we launch into it in full, just a reminder about how well our pupils did in the IGCSE exams and their
A levels. We pride ourselves on being a family school.

63% of all A
levels sat by
Stafford pupils
were either an A*
or A grade. In the
UK they
managed 36%.
Our “like for
like” rivals were
also left in our

Published: September 2022

Newsletter July 2022

Prefects 2022-23

Congratulations to the following who have undergone a rigorous application process
in order to make it through to being a School Prefect. I look forward to working with
them for the good of all pupils at Stafford. The Head Boy and Head Girl will be
determined after an additional round of interviews with external consultants.

Published: July 2022

Newsletter June 2022

School Council

We are excited about starting up a School Council next academic year. Dr. Sureshika
Piyasena has agreed to Chair the council and it will include members of each class. The SIS
School Council is an advisory body that will work collaboratively within the school
community to develop strategies, suggestions and solutions to enhance the
development and educational experiences of all students. It will also give students a
chance to refine their skills as they represent their peers.

Published: June 2022

Term 3 Newsletter


Last week we remained open on Friday. This was partly because we feel pupils have missed
out on so much face to face learning over the last two years, that we owed it to them.
However, we only had about 40% attendance and many staff struggled to make it in to
school as well. As a result if the Hartal continues next week (Wednesday +) we will move
to online lessons.

Published: May 2022

University Success

On the very last day of term we heard the exciting news that Humaid (our Head Boy) had
been awarded a full scholarship and unconditional offer to Harvard University – the one of
only two pupils in Sri Lanka (and a handful in South East Asia) to get such a prestigious
place. We wish to congratulate him and all the teachers who have groomed him and
invested time in him over the 13 years he was at Stafford (he joined in Garde 1). It just goes
to show that the education here in the school is first rate (all the way through) and that we
can live with (and outperform) many of the schools on the island and internationally. We look
forward to many more exciting success stories over the next few years.

A Healthy Lifestyle at SIS

“Health Week 2019″ was organised by the Stafford International School, one of the leading international schools in Colombo, from the 14th to the 18th of October 2019. Many pupils were startled by the opening of ”magic corn” and ”Roots”, which was beyond their expectation. The school canteen also had a variety of nutritious meals. There was also a ”kola kanda” stall organised by the secondary students of SIS. The message of eating healthy and wisely was spread vibrantly around the student body.

A quick glance at the secondary education system in Sri Lanka

Schooling in Sri Lanka is compulsory for children from 5 + to 13 years of age. Education is state funded and offered free of charge at all levels, including the university level. This was due to the free education franchise commenced by the late C W W Kannangara in 1938.

An overview about private education in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a charming little island that boasts of a rich culture and heritage. The people who call this island home belong to different cultures and nationalities and they collectively add colour to the tapestry of life in remarkable ways. Although the country is still largely a developing one, Sri Lankans have certainly made great strides in terms of education and health. The article below provides some details about the private education system in Sri Lanka so you will be able to learn and appreciate its intricacies and patterns.

Christmas at SIS

‘This the season to be jolly! ‘The Christmas spirit was delivered to Stafford International School immediately after the Christmas star was placed on the Christmas tree located in the school premises.
It was like an enchantment had been lifted when the Academic Director, Mr Suvin Wettimuny and the Principal, Mrs Gowri Palipane of Stafford International School, one of the leading international schools in Colombo, commenced the tradition of placing the Christmas star on top of the Christmas tree on the 28th of November 2019.

Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership of A/L Students

Stafford International School, one of the most respected and popular international schools in Colombo which has been producing students with extraordinary academic results and university placements for the past 25 years, has embarked on an industry-first mission to launch a well-structured enrichment program through a strategic partnership with Colombo Leadership Academy.

Health Project SIS- 2019

Healthy living is a concept which is commonly discussed today. Indeed, the rising concerns over health conditions like diabetes and obesity make this quite a relevant topic for today. Plenty of people all across the world are suffering with various health conditions, fuelled by unhealthy food habits.
As technology has taken over and convenience is highly sought after, more and more people have stopped relishing the joy of preparing meals at home. Instead, they opt for fast food. Younger generation too seems to highly favour unhealthy snacks and processed meats.

New Management at Stafford International School

Founded in the year 1986 and located in the heart of Colombo 7, Stafford International School is one of the most prominent international schools in Colombo Sri Lanka. Stafford International School is an independent, private, coeducational school that guides its students towards international examinations offered by both Edexcel and Cambridge in the UK.
The school is in the process of management reform and seeks to re-organize and rebuild the total framework and structure of the school with the aim of making it the best and most sought-after international school in the country. The school aims to redefine the manner in which English medium schools in Colombo operate, through innovative methods.

Speak to Lead

“Speak to Lead”, a Gavel Tournament hosted by the Gavel club of Stafford International School, one of the leading international schools in Colombo, was held on the 5th, 6th and 12th of October, 2019. This was the second time the club hosted a tournament of this nature.
The Gavel is not just a club in which you learn how to speak publicly. There are fun activities that help you become more confident and become more creative- activities that help you see things from a different points of view. You meet people from other schools and make connections that will help you throughout your life.

Stafford International makes it two nil

Powered by a 68 ball 53 with five boundaries and five sixes by Pravan Williams, Stafford International School registered back to back wins in their annual big match against the British School at the R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. These renowned private schools in Colombo garnered the attention of many sporting enthusiasts in the country, with the remarkable talents displayed on the day.

Stafford International School Produces Record Breaking O/L and A/L Results

Stafford International School has consistently produced exceptional academic results ever since its inception, 33 years ago. However the 13th of August was an incredible day for Stafford International School. The O/L and A/L results were released on the day and with the results, incredible news was also delivered.

Taking initiatives to recycle PET plastic by partnering with ‘Give Back Life’ program

Stafford International which is known to be one of the best private schools in Sri Lanka, is the second international school to join Coca-Cola’s ‘Give Back Life’ campaign for PET plastic recovery and recycling in Sri Lanka.
The project has brought together students of leading international schools in Sri Lanka. The students support the campaign by volunteering to bring all PET plastic packaging from their homes to school for recycling. The ‘Give Back Life’ initiative promotes the habit of recycling of PET plastic amongst all students, teachers and management of the school.

Why Stafford is among the best international schools in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a charming island that is home to a group of people who possess rich values. The country’s culture and heritage are nurtured by many cultures and ethnicities. The people of the country are known for their exceptional hospitality.
After the end of a 25 year old civil war, the country has shown phenomenal economic growth to become a middle income country. In this context, education in Sri Lanka will play a pivotal role to avoid the middle income trap. With an education system that is outdated, many international schools have emerged to fill in this gap.

Young Swimming Squad Brings Glory to Stafford International School

The swimming squad of Stafford International School, Colombo which is known to be one of the best private schools in Sri Lanka, performed exceptionally well last year, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in inter-school tournaments.
The story of this squad has been unique. The squad which was formed in April 2018 consists of students who were absorbed into the school community since the primary. It was determined last year that more opportunity be given to these fully fledged ‘Staffordian’ swimmers to improve and participate in Inter-School Tournaments on a more competitive level.