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Experiences at one of the Best International Schools in Colombo

Visitors to Stafford are always struck by the warmth and friendliness of our community. A distinct family atmosphere prevails across the School, teaching rooms and shared spaces, a sense of togetherness that continues across the sports fields and on our stages. This remarkable atmosphere and nurturing culture, make Stafford one of the best international schools in Colombo.

A high staff to pupil ratio, dedicated staff and a nurturing pastoral care system ensure that pupils’ personal wellbeing is paramount; and discipline is maintained through mutual respect. We create a safe and supportive environment that works in genuine partnership with parents and families.

Fees at Stafford

At Stafford we seek to have a diverse student population (reflecting society) and as a result try and make our fees affordable to a wide range of parents.

Fees do change each year but they are currently (2022-2023 Year) a termly fee of:

  • Around Rs 101,000 at the bottom of the school where most pupils start
  • Rising to Rs 131,000 in the Middle School
  • And Rs 191,000 in the Sixth Form.

Precise figures can be obtained from the school. If you were to make a comparison with other international schools in Colombo you would be both delighted and surprised.

Other people’s Views on Stafford

“I am pleased to recognize the long-standing partnership between Pearson Edexcel and Stafford International School, spanning across 35 years! Stafford International school is one of the few “Edexcel Teaching Institutions” in Sri Lanka and the South Asian region. The school is recognized with this status due to high standards maintained in several aspects of delivering the Edexcel Curricular and Examinations. These include infrastructure, quality of teaching, secure conduct of examinations and the overall learning experience enjoyed by the students. Many students from Stafford International School have obtained awards for best results and world prizes for their exceptional performance at Edexcel Examinations. I wish Stafford International School the very best in the years to come! “
Premila Paulraj
Director Pearson Edexcel
“Stafford International School, Colombo is one of the important schools for Cambridge Assessment International Education in Sri Lanka. Since the inception of this school, it has made significant contribution in the development of international education for Sri Lankan students. We highly value our longstanding partnership with Stafford International School, Colombo. It is fantastic to see that every year a large number of candidates from Stafford International School sitting the Cambridge International Lower Secondary Checkpoints, IGCSE and some AS and A Level examinations. Every year the school has an outstanding record of producing high achievers for the award categories ‘top in the country’ and ‘top in the world’ competing with candidates in country and globally. This certainly reflects the quality, commitment and hard work of students and teachers of Stafford International School.”
Panchalika Kulatunga
Country Manager, Sri Lanka - Cambridge Assessment International Education
“A couple of years ago, my children joined Stafford with very high hopes of the school, which, may I add, have been exceeded. The administration staff gave us an extremely good impression of the school with their optimistic and welcoming spirits, which was a strong driving force for our decision to enrol our children into Stafford International School. It's not hard to say that joining Stafford was one of the best decisions we have made. Throughout our experiences with Stafford, the teachers’ commitment, the administration staff’s and non-academic staff’s friendliness and hard work never cease to surprise us. The school, also, welcomes the new students with open arms and creates a family feel. Plus, the higher management is very approachable and they seem to take any feedback, regardless of whether it is minor or major, seriously. Especially, amid the pandemic, the school’s handling of the secondary school education was remarkable. They took quick action and was one of the first schools to have methodical online schooling in Sri Lanka. The teachers' dedication and devotion were startling during these rough times.”
current parent of two children in the school.
“We as parents are extremely pleased with the discipline and teaching at Stafford International School Colombo. We are truly grateful to the teachers who have guided and supported both our children, especially our daughter, to achieve academic excellence with a well structured teaching method, with the ability to impart their knowledge to the student, in a way that captures the students attention. We are indeed proud to have our two children at this institution!!”
Mother of two children currently at Stafford

Staff Testimonials

We in the SIS Upper Primary recognize that attaining the core literacy and numeracy skills are essential, but so too are developing the application of these skills in experience-based learning, which opens the students’ minds to education in the broadest sense of the word. This might include producing interactive exhibit showcases that highlight curriculum subject matter ranging from Mathematics to history or exploring the complexities of assigned texts through dramatic art and music. We are also keen to nurture other life skills like teamwork, building friendships, bearing responsibility, and accepting criticism. This enables our students to be well-rounded and disciplined, with the ability to adapt to the unforeseen changes whether they are difficult or not. These skills have never been more important than when we were forced to move on to online school year. Our experienced and qualified teachers foster opportunities for hands on learning, innovate and apply new skills to ensure that every student strives to achieve their best. We believe in that these methods when complemented with a child’s innate sense of curiosity and exuberance, will allow them to achieve exceptional outcomes.
Ms. Ruba R. Weerasinghe
Vice Principal - Upper Primary
If you had asked me five years ago where I would see myself in the future – teaching children below the age of 10 would not have been in my original to-do list for life, but since life has a funny way of surprising us, it has turned out to be the most rewarding experience thus far. Their honesty, unbridled enthusiasm and eagerness to learn gives me a reason to get up in the morning, looking forward to another day of teaching. They propel me to find more fun and interesting ways to keep them engaged during a lesson. The kids have made me a better teacher! In short, they are my ‘why’. Having a wonderful set of teachers as colleagues is another plus point. These ‘Teaching Rockstars’ make the long days bearable. The emotional support they provide is unbeatable! Add to that, the freedom management gives its teachers to set up classrooms – from decorations to desk placement, allowing us to try different methods of lesson delivery, motivation and classroom management, the amazing support given when we shifted to online learning and the encouragement to communicate with parents. Creating, building and maintaining relationships with parents is crucial as they are stakeholders in their children’s education. Being a mother of two, it is easy to understand the parents’ perspective and their needs and this further motivates me to do better in this career. They say, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” This sentence distinctly sums up my working experience at Stafford International School to date. Thank you,
Mrs. Nimesha De Silva
(Year 4)
Stafford International School has been my second home for almost 18 years. As a government trained Primary school teacher my passion has always been to teach, mould and guide young minds. The homely atmosphere at Stafford makes me feel happy and at ease each morning as I walk through its gates, knowing that my place of work is a safe and nurturing space where children can learn freely. We don’t just teach our students Math, English and Science, at Stafford, we teach them how to be caring, supportive and confident human beings. We pride ourselves on team work and this transpires to our class rooms, creating within our students not only a love for learning but a love to learn and share together. Thank you!
Mrs. Rukmalie De Mel
(Year 3)
Hi, I’m Dushyanthi Bandara and I teach Art & Craft from Year 5 to Form 2. Teaching Art can be an enriching and fulfilling experience. Art education is an adventurous field that gives the opportunity to inspire the great artists of tomorrow by nurturing students skills, encouraging their efforts and exposing them to the right work. In my class students develop their skills through intensive studio preparation in foundation Art through courses such as drawing, sketching, painting, three-dimensional design, light, colour and design, printing, sculpture, including handwork and four – dimensional designs. Students are introduced to course work indoor and outdoor too. Every year, children display their talents at the Art Exhibition. Learning art goes beyond creating more successful students. I believe that it creates more successful human beings.
Dushyanthi Bandara.
(Art and Craft Teacher)
‘The power of Literature to offer entertainment and recreation is still its prime reason for survival.’ Rosenblatt (1995,175) The study of Literature encourages empathy, imagination and emotional development in a child even at a very young age. I strongly believe teaching this subject to primary students is of great value. Being a person who loves reading books, I’m really blessed to have found a career that’s everything about passing on the knowledge I have of Literature to my students. I am never bored of teaching as there’s so much I can do with the kids. Not only it’s a perfect opportunity for the kids to share their ideas with everyone, it also gives me an opportunity to help them develop their critical and analytical skills from a very young age. The kids are very entertaining and they never fail to surprise me! It’s wonderful to hear students tell me that they love literature and they always look forward to our literature lessons!
Ms. Natalie Fernando
English Literature
As the Upper Primary teacher of History, I take great pleasure by taking my students on an incredible journey back in time to bring life to the world’s most ancient civilizations. I am privileged to give the first taste of the history of ancient Europe, to these curious young minds. Together we travel back in time to the Romans, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Mayans, Tudors, Celts and the rise and fall of the world’s mightiest Empires. Through graphical illustrations, I explain about the Age of Discovery and Exploration and show how these ancient people set out on daring and dangerous expeditions to conquer far-away places. Before long they understand, what life was like before the Age of Exploration and how discoveries in science, medicine and technology paved the way to a new age in Europe. Through the Renaissance period, I teach my students how the world’s best scholars converged in Italy and gave birth to a new era in European culture. My young curious history buffs look forward to each history lesson to find out what new inventions and discoveries were made by ancient explorers, traders, doctors, scientists, astronomers, engineers and mathematicians. They get to examine the developments in transportation systems that the early people built on land, sea and even in the sky before humans could travel as we do today. Finding new trade routes, exploring new lands and the voyages of discovery keep their excitement for learning history alive. I enjoy watching my young historians get fascinated at how ancient people used technology to build the world’s wonders, which still exist to astonish us today. Through sagas and visuals, I share the experiences and achievements of our ancestors so they may learn from the past to be able to better contribute to the society. It gives me great joy, especially to witness their heightened enthusiasm when I read their project reports.
Ms Aruni Senadira
History –Upper Primary
WELCOME TO THE EXCITING WORLD OF NUMBERS! It's a big, wide, wacky MATH world out there! Mathematics is the study of numbers, calculations, shapes and equations, written using special notations and symbols. Without realising it we use mathematical concepts, as well as the skills we learn from doing maths to solve problems everyday. In Math, concepts such as time helps teach us how to manage time which results in punctuality, from the basic use of knowing how many seconds constitute a minute, how many minutes constitute an hour. Solid shapes surround us every day, it helps young learners make observations of the world around them. Bar charts and data bases offer ways of handling data in an increasingly digital world and makes a crucial contribution to their development as successful learners. Children delight in using mathematics to solve a problem, especially when it leads them to an unexpected discovery or new connections. As their confidence grows, they look for patterns, use logic in reasoning, suggesting solutions and discovering different avenues to solving problems. Mathematics offers children a powerful way of communication and problem solving. They learn to explore and explain their ideas using symbols and diagrams. Studying at Stafford International School, helps learners get to grips with numbers and formulas in an engaging environment through colourful, fun and interactive lessons and support young students to work attentively and thoughtfully to develop the necessary expertise they will need in life beyond.
Prasangi Punchihewa

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