The Junior School

A Leading Junior School in Sri Lanka

Playgroup to Year 4

I am delighted to welcome you to Stafford International School – Lower Primary, our junior school from Playgroup to Year 4.

With the strong values of our school and the dedication of our trained teachers, our aim is to ensure our students are inspired and nurtured to grow into holistic individuals, equipped with healthy minds and bodies. We believe a happy child makes for a successful child and thus focus on creating a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment, that will allow our young learners this success.

Pre-school education is a special time, filled with wonder and exploration. At Stafford, our Early years program focuses on learning through play. Through well planned and exciting activities our teachers support and create a love for learning within our young pupils, allowing them the opportunity to learn and explore through imagination and creativity.

This love for learning is fostered across the junior school, through engaging and exciting learning experiences that encourage our youngsters to be the best they can be and have good fun doing it!

With our strong belief in the importance of respect and kindness to all, our students are nurtured to grow not just academically but emotionally and morally commemorating all achievements in a safe environment.

In the SIS Upper Primary we recognize that attaining the core literacy and numeracy skills are essential, but so too are developing the application of these skills in experience-based learning, which opens the students’ minds to education in the broadest sense of the word. This might include producing interactive exhibit showcases that highlight curriculum subject matter ranging from Mathematics to history or exploring the complexities of assigned texts through dramatic art and music.

We are also keen to nurture other life skills like teamwork, building friendships, bearing responsibility, and accepting criticism. This enables our students to be well-rounded and disciplined, with the ability to adapt to the unforeseen changes whether they are difficult or not. These skills have never been more important than when we were forced to move on to online school year.

Our experienced and qualified teachers foster opportunities for hands on learning, innovate and apply new skills to ensure that every student strives to achieve their best. We believe in that these methods when complemented with a child’s innate sense of curiosity and exuberance, will allow them to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school.

We hope to see you in the future.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Julieann Karunaratne
Head of Section - Lower Primary
Mrs. Ruba Weerasinghe
Deputy Head Junior School

Junior School Fees

At Stafford we seek to have a diverse student population (reflecting society) and as a result try and make our fees affordable to a wide range of parents.

Fees do change each year but they are currently (2020-2021 Year) a termly fee of:

Precise figures can be obtained from the school.

School Culture

Teacher reading a story book for primary school children


Various drawings painted by the students of SIS