December Edition

Department of Student Wellbeing
Stafford International’s Psychology Club, a firmly established role of the Staffordian community, are officially announcing the Department of Student Wellbeing, a safe and secure space where students are free to address any issues ...
By Nethraa Vigneswaran
Human Rights Day
We live in a world full of discrimination, division, distrust and despair. We face them daily, in the form of racism and xenophobia, among others. Looking at how the world is faring, it is a consolation to know that ‘Human Rights Day’ exists.
By Akayla Gonawela

A White Haired Boy and Christmas
Hey there, my name is Shiro, AKA “that white haired boy” and I’m here to tell you my story. The morning of December 20th found both myself and my best friend Felix in her gothic room, watching movies. “What’s your family doing for Christmas?” she asked...
By Dharishta Peiris
Tips and Tricks for Christmas Decorating!
It's a wonderful feeling to decorate your home for Christmas but doing so can be overwhelming. It's an inescapable pressure we encounter throughout the Christmas season. These decorating tips are sure to make your holiday less stressful and bring more ...
By Aiana Gonawela
The difference between Hanukkah and Christmas?
Hanukkah and Christmas are two of the major religious holidays celebrated at the end of the year. Christmas, as most of you know, is on the 25th of December while Hanukkah, depending on the Jewish calendar, falls on a date in November. Both days are important ...
By Mukarram Jameel

Debunking the myths around HIV
HIV/AIDS is a very dangerous disease and has been considered a global pandemic by some experts. The World Health Organisation (WHO) uses the term “global epidemic.” The disease has ...
By Akindu Pathirage
The Prefect Installation
The time has come. The prefects of 2021/2022 have been appointed. I questioned a few people who were previously prefects on their idea of prefectship. Each reply contained the same thought: it is a great prestige and honor to be appointed ...

“Red (Taylor’s Version)” has been one of the most anticipated and exciting releases of November and has taken the world by storm at a much larger scale than the original version. This album was never even close to being on the list ...
By Chithru Gunawardena
Senior Inter-house singing competition
The teachers of Stafford decided to ignite the school’s team spirit by housing a singing competition, and the results are in! Amaya Perera, Chiran Premaratne and Lourdi Perera, all from Lower Sixth won the top ...
By Nethra Vigneswaran
Interact Installation
The 30th installation of the board of officials of the Interact Club of Stafford International School was held on the 10th of November, 2021. In accordance with the situation of the country, the event was held virtually. Multiple Rotary dignitaries, including of Colombo as our ...

Love Hard: Worth or Worthless the watch?
Indifference, think of the feeling you get while eating a bowl of cornflakes, do you hate it? Not really. Are enjoying it? Meh...
By Aasif Imran
Christmas Cheer at Stafford!
December, the magical month of Christmas, has dawned! Although winter wonderlands aren’t possible with Sri Lanka’s climate, the Christmas spirit shines just as bright ...
By Ramudhi de Silva

Christmas Carols: Rewritten
Rudolph. It’s just Rudolph - Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer Had a very shiny nose And if you ever saw it You would even say it glows
By Amaya Perera
Workshops on writing
We’ve read newspapers several times, but do we know what the structure of a newspaper looks like, the significance of the layout, and the way journalists approach writing?
By Kashia Dias
Activity Week
Since the start of 2021, almost all the students in our school were unable to enter the premises of Stafford International School. However, on December 6th, they ...
By Dharishta Peiris

Highlighting the Horrors of Modern Slavery : The International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
In the past, slavery has been an absolutely devastating series of events.
By Ramudhi de Silva
It’s time to show our appreciation.
The students of Stafford International School made gift hampers this Christmas which were distributed among our much-loved support staff in order to show our appreciation for their dedication and care.
By Joel Davey

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