Activity Week

Since the start of 2021, almost all the students in our school were unable to enter the premises of Stafford International School. However, on December 6th, they brought each grade to school, on a specific date. 

   December 6th found the year 6, 7, 8 and 9’s back in school for one whole school day. However, no school work took place, it was for the simple joy of socializing. Every grade had the same activities and it all began with sports. Many may say they don’t like sports, however, these events must have reinvigorated their spirit of friendship and competition. The grades had a challenging game of football at the racecourse field and this is where the staff must be thanked. They made sure each student sanitized frequently, and were generally cautious at all times. However, back at school, a whole lot of activities were held which were as fun as they were competitive.

   Next, the grades split up for a game to test their general knowledge on many topics of the world. Needless to say, it was extremely entertaining to take part in the challenge. The final planned activity for the day, the making of a Christmas hamper. All items were brought prior to the day in order to sanitize and them, but the best part was that each grade had to make one on their own. Each class split up into two groups and made two hampers. For who? Well it is for the great people who helped us stay safe, the backbone of our school, the support staff.
   The rest of the day was spent with everyone doing their own thing and chatting with their friends who they, finally, were able to see physically. While there was limited physical contact, each and every student simply loved reuniting.

- Dharishta Peiris