Senior Inter-house singing competition

The teachers of Stafford decided to ignite the school’s team spirit by housing a singing competition, and the results are in! 

Amaya Perera, Chiran Premaratne and Lourdi Perera, all from Lower Sixth won the top three spots and we’d like to congratulate them for their success as well as everyone else who participated.

Coming in 3rd place, Lourdi Perera, representing Kalan House, sang “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie “Moana” for her entry. She started singing at a very young age, having come from a musical-loving family. “I feel free when I sing,” she stated, “it’s what I love to do most.” Lourdi adores how singing can take her to her happy place.

Representing Felix House, Chiran Premaratne came 2nd place by covering “Let it Go” from Disney’s “Frozen”. He revealed it was in fact, a song he wasn’t too big a fan of. However, he added his personal style and twist to the performance. He has been singing since the age of four and is inspired by his dad, who also sings. Chiran loves how one can relate by listening or singing lyrics of different songs, depending on what you are feeling.

And in 1st place, Amaya Perera, from Noreen House. Amaya sang “I See the Light,” the hit song from the Disney-produced movie, “Tangled”. It’s a song she has loved ever since she was little and she enjoyed every moment of the recording it. Amaya has been singing since 6 months old and absolutely loves it. What she adores most about singing is the way it consoles her, making her feel less alone as well as allowing her to connect with other people through song.

- Nethra Vigneswaran