Christmas Cheer at Stafford!

December, the magical month of Christmas, has dawned! Although winter wonderlands aren’t possible with Sri Lanka’s climate, the Christmas spirit shines just as bright with the countless colourful Christmas decorations, blooming happy smiles throughout the island. 

Stafford too, celebrates this Christmas with decorations, but the most cherished decoration of all is undoubtedly the Christmas tree at the reception! The silver, gold and red baubles merrily light up the forest green tree. However, what really ties it together is the shimmering silver star at the top- planted by no other than our very own principal, Mr Simon Northcott!

Of course, we can’t forget the Santa hats and coordinated red outfits worn by the teachers on the last day of school (10th of December 2021). They exuded true Christmas cheer and made the day even more heartfelt and special!

- Ramudhi de Silva