Human Rights Day

We live in a world full of discrimination, division, distrust and despair. We face them daily, in the form of racism and xenophobia, among others. Looking at how the world is faring, it is a consolation to know that ‘Human Rights Day’ exists.

Human Rights Day is an annual celebration of the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human rights, also termed as the UDHR. It was first commemorated on the 10th of December, 1948, and continued to be annually celebrated and promoted throughout media and education from that day forth. The UDHR has declared a range of non-negotiable and essential birthright to which every human being is entitled, regardless of their race, religion, gender, origins, opinions, or any other status.

FUN FACT! It is the most translated document in the world’s history at over 500 languages.

The UDHR plays a part in upholding and protecting the rights of all those permitted to them. It also strengthens and drive us, as people, to stand up for our own rights as well as those of others and thereby, it promotes the affinity of all human beings.

The theme of the Human Rights Day of 2021 pays homage to the first article of the UDHR which states: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. This focuses on the principles of equality which is essentially at the heart of human rights. This year’s focus relates to the document ‘Leaving No One Behind: Equality and Non-Discrimination at the Heart of Sustainable Development’. This encompasses solutions for ingrained forms of discrimination that tend to affect women and girls, indigenous people, LGBTI people, migrants, people with disabilities and many other groups.

This observation aids us in rebuilding better and fairer living conditions for all beings. It reaps many benefits that could promote the achievement of this aim. For instance, regarding this year’s concept, there are endless possibilities of benefits such as providing a fair distribution of vaccination, which, especially in our situation, is crucial. By eliminating the unjustifiably unequal treatment of people, there is hope in rebuilding the trust between humans, no matter our differences, as well as ensuring the existence of a life worth having. In addition to this, it may also be beneficial when breaking cycles of uncontrollable poverty as it addresses each human being by equal standards. This, once again, enables us to live in a superior and honorable community.

I hope that by reading this, you’ve obtained a better understanding on the importance of standing up against discrimination and fighting for what you care about. You may now do your part in fighting differentiation which will be valuable in attaining the better world we hope for, not only in favor of yourself but everyone around you and beyond!

- Akayla Gonawela