Department of Student Wellbeing

Stafford International’s Psychology Club, a firmly established role of the Staffordian community, are officially announcing the Department of Student Wellbeing, a safe and secure space where students are free to address any issues they have in regards to mental health and wellbeing.

School can be stressful, especially when you have exams around the corner, and it’s never good to keep your worries bottled up. Having someone in your corner, someone you can talk to, makes all the difference. 

Miss Sheeni, the new counsellor, has had over a decade’s worth of experience working with children and adolescents, and has taught psychology as well. The Heads of the Psychology Club are confident that Miss Sheeni’s knowledge and past experience will result in positive outcomes with the students thanks to her remarkable credentials and rapport with the youth of today.

This new program will focus on making use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques which takes into regard how we think, how we feel and how we act.

This service is available to middle and upper school students, and appointments can be made at any time during the school day via email (, along with the guarantee that each meeting is strictly confidential between the student and Miss Sheeni.

You can even have a walk-in session during the interval breaks! Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment if needed.

- Nethraa Vigneswaran