The Prefect Installation

The time has come. The prefects of 2021/2022 have been appointed. I questioned a few people who were previously prefects on their idea of prefectship. Each reply contained the same thought: it is a great prestige and honor to be appointed a prefect.

The ceremony was held on Wednesday, the 1st of December, to mark the beginning of the following term by initiating the prefects of the upcoming year. The following list contains the names of the prefects as well as Head Boy and Head Girl.

Head Boy: Humaid Saleem  Head Girl: Meth Abeysinghe


  1. Abdul Kareem
  2. Amaya Perera
  3. Chiran Premaratne
  4. Chrishelle Sathiarajah
  5. Diren Gunasekaran
  6. Dithni Perera
  7. Kimaya Adams
  8. Joshua Cooray
  9. Kyara Nugawela
  10. Nishyanthan Ranjan
  11. Manishee Perera
  12. Pavan Rajavasan
  13. Randil De Soysa
  14. Nurandie Rannulu
  15. Savith Herath
  16. Roshana Pathmasinghe
  17. Thinagar Chandrasekaran
  18. Ruwindu Gunathilake
  19. Vishwa Weerasinghe
  20. Saria Cader