Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies have always been an integral part of Stafford’s culture, motivating students to pursue their interests, make a difference or learn something new. The past year has seen the opening of many new clubs and societies, ranging from cookery to culture, awareness to aviation.

Monday, the 5th of September saw a meeting with all the clubs and societies of Stafford. Present were all the Presidents, and majority of the executive committees, alongside all the Staff Coordinators and Teachers in charge, as well as the Head of Clubs and Societies.

Each club presented their plans for the term to come, and it goes without saying that we are looking forward to this very exciting start to the academic year in terms of extra-curricular activity alone. Adapting to multiple virtual platforms and means of social media, all the clubs and societies are prepared to start bustling!

With so many clubs and societies active, there are many plans and initiations of joint projects between clubs. One of the first has been “Project Unity”. With almost all the clubs and societies involved, the project entails collecting funds to donate to the Peradeniya Children’s Hospital. The children admitted in their wards are suffering for a lack of things to do and engage themselves with, and it was a unanimous decision by all the Clubs and societies involved to do their best to collect funds for these children. We thank our generous donors thus far, and hope that our readers will be able to make a contribution too; no amount is too small!

We cannot wait to see what this new academic year brings to our extra-curricular field, and wish every single Club and Society the very best in every venture they may take!

- Amaya Perera