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Spider-Man No Way Home: Worth or Worthless the watch ?

A good movie can help us escape everyday life (even if it’s for just 120 minutes). It can make time stand still, it slyly forges an empathetic bond between us and the protagonists, suddenly we rejoice at their victories and feel despondent by their loss, our lives are lived vicariously through them in those moments and that is the marvel of good cinema (pun intended).

“Spider-Man No Way Home” was without a doubt a good movie, and unlike the previous marvel entries, it’s brilliance stems not from the over the top action sequences (don’t get me wrong there are plenty of awesome ones to be found in this movie, my personal fav being the trippy fight sequence between Spiderman and Dr. Strange), but from the character portrayals. It’s to be expected I guess, when you have heavy hitters like Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina amongst the cast.

The story at its core was nothing new. It’s a story about brothers, sacrifice, humility and giving up what you want for what you believe is right. What made it fresh however, was the pathos the actors brought to the roles, the way it somehow elevated the movie beyond the popcorn flick realm marvel movies are relegated to.

I give this movie a 5/5, highly recommend everyone to go out and watch it and can say without a doubt, the Oscar buzz surrounding this movie is not undeserved. 

- Aasif Imran