Stafford International Sets New Heights at Inter-International Swim Relay

On 5th Feburary, Stafford International’s swim team, the Stafford Sharks attended the Inter-International Swim Relay held at Sugathadasa Stadium, to represent the Staffordian community, and brought home several titles as well as two new records!

Nesha Ratnayake set the record for the 50 Metre Butterfly, coming in at number one with a time of 30 seconds. The second record was the under 16 4×50 Metre Freestyle Relay, with Stafford Sharks coming out on top, achieved by Nesha Ratnayake, Kaitlyn De Zilwa, Isha Vansanadi and Cassandra Karunakalage.

As for under 16 championships, Kaitlyn De Zilwa took home the 1st place prize with 3 gold medals; 100 metres backstroke, freestyle and 50 metre backstroke. Both Tricia De Rose and Nesha Ratnayake won 1st place for the 50 metre butterfly stoke.

Winning 2nd place with silver medals, Maleesha Gunathilake and Kimaya Adams completed the 200 metre individual medley, freestyle and butterfly stroke whilst Aasif Imran and Nesha Ratnayake came in at 2nd for the 50 metre breaststroke and backstroke. Tricia De Rose also won silver medals for the 100 metre butterfly stroke and backstroke.

We applaud our Staffford Sharks for their victories! Well done to all of you!

- Nethraa Vigneswaran