TED-Ed and their targets

The TED-Ed club is a club which, working under the internationally recognized organization “TED” aims to ignite and celebrate the exchange of ideas and knowledge within its members and spread these ideas via well-crafted speeches around the world.

The club’s mission is to enable students to obtain the confidence to spread their own thoughts on a renowned platform, as well as to encourage and cultivate an appreciation of public speaking and its ideals among its members.

The club and its members truly believe that a single idea has the power to bring about many changes. As Victor Hugo says, “nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Having been formed earlier this year in July, the club is already preparing to conduct training sessions for its members which will be necessary for them to become official TedX speakers and host a TED-Ed student talk program. TED-Ed club also has its hands full when it comes to hosting and conducting fun events for its members this term and urges all students who are interested to join this extraordinary club.

If a single idea can change the world, wouldn’t you want it to be yours?

- Chrishelle Sathiarajah