The Culinary Arts Club

The Culinary Arts Club of Stafford International School is a club focused on inculcating artistic talents via the kitchen, and aims to encourage students to cook, bake and eat healthy.

Students will learn about the importance of planning and preparing balanced meals, reading, and understanding food labels, learning about food hygiene and food safety skills, and above all, discover the wonders of being a culinary professional.

Objectives of the club
• Encourage students to broaden their talents and indulge in the wonders of spice and cuisines
• learn about the latest culinary trends by networking with culinary experts
• Develop social skills
• Encourage students to be self-directed learners to be equipped with skills and knowledge to maintain a lifelong healthy lifestyle. 

The CAC held their first workshop on the 12th of July 2021.The workshop was carried out by the senior students of the Former lower sixth batch and supervised by the teacher in charge Miss. Michelle. It was a major success; students were taught how to make cookie dough. They were also taught about safety tips when using a microwave, what not to do and what to do.
Another Project the club carried out was the District Cookbook. The club hopes to release a cookbook with all the members’ recipes from the 25 Districts. This will allow students to be creative with their recipes and, learn new recipes from other students. Students will also learn how to read and write up recipes which will be helpful for them in the future.

- Aneek De Mel