The Social Services Club

During this grave threat of COVID-19, I am sure everyone one of us has endured and struggled with the issues this critical global crisis. During this time, it is asked of us to stay strong and safe not only for ourselves but the good of others. It is during such a time that we as a community must unite and look after one another if and when possible; standing by this, SSC has decided to play its part in contributing our services to those who need it. 

Our most recent project, a donation to the Colombo North Teaching Hospital, located in Ragama, was completed with absolute success with the help of the newly appointed and former board of SSC, along with Ms. Nirodha T (TIC) and Ms. Michelle H (HCS). Although it was a last-minute project, the executive committee of SSC was able to prevail and accomplish its goal by joining together and donating many necessities needed by the hospital, which totalled to a sum of 113,100 LKR. Again, we thank the board along with the teachers who made this project a success. As per usual, to be of service to the kind souls at the Hospital put a smile on all of our faces and humbled us deeply. And as the new board, we can’t wait to continue playing our role in the improvement of our society in the upcoming year – for the happiness of others.

- Anagi Kariyawasam