Culinary Arts Club

[For students of Year 6 and above]
Teacher-in-Charge/ Staff Advisor

Michelle Herft

The Culinary Arts Club of Stafford International School is a club focused on inculcating artistic talents via the kitchen and aims to encourage students to cook, bake and eat healthily. Students will learn about the importance of planning and preparing balanced meals, reading and understanding food labels, learning about food hygiene and food safety skills, and above all, discover the wonders of being a culinary professional!

Objectives of the Club:
  • To introduce cooking as a life skill- inculcating this skill at a young age.

  • To encourage students to broaden their culinary talents and indulge in the wonders of spices and cuisines.

  • To learn about the latest culinary trends by networking with culinary experts.

  • To help children overcome the stigma that “women belong in the kitchen” and to bridge the gap between tradition and modernism.

  • To provide a safe space where students can come together and have fun while learning to work together, take turns, and encourage their friends during the preparation and cooking process.