Social Services Club

[For students of Year 6 and above]
Teacher-in-Charge/ Staff Advisor

Nirodha Thillekaratne

The Social Services Club of Stafford International School is focused on executing activities aiding the well-being of society and its people by tackling communal shortages and misfortunes. The club strives to create club unity within our school as well.

Objectives of the Club:
  • To donate funds and/or materialistic items to elderly homes, orphanages, special needs institutions, hospitals, schools, and/or any other communities in need of support.

  • To visit elderly homes, orphanages, special needs institutions, cancer hospitals, etc. for entertainment.

  • To create mental health awareness programs.

  • To administer projects with other Clubs & Societies to achieve aims while promoting inter-club unity.

  • To execute campaigns to improve environmental conditions.

  • To provide service to animals.

  • To collaborate with other schools and external bodies to attain our targets on a larger scale.