TED – Ed

[For students of Year 8 and above]
Teacher-in-Charge/ Staff Advisor

Vidujith Vithanage

The TED-Ed club supports students in discovering, researching, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks.

The club receives Ted-Ed’s flexible public speaking curriculum and opportunities to connect with a global network of passionate youth about ideas worth sharing.

Objectives of the Club:
  • To train the student community to enable them to conduct a TEDx event maintaining the spirit of TED.

  • To unite and nurture young talent in an interdisciplinary form.

  • To stimulate and celebrate creative ideas put forth by students and to work with a generation of problem-solvers, critical thinkers and innovators to make the world a better place.

  • to conduct multiple TEDx events under the club’s discretion.

  • To collaborate with other Ted Ed clubs

  • To cultivate an appreciation of public speaking and its values within members.

  • To inspire and curate ideas and open up new perspectives through the development of speeches.

  • To empower students to gain the confidence to spread their own ideas on a wider platform.