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The Drama Club

[For students of Year 7 and above]
Teacher-in-Charge/ Staff Advisor

Michelle Herft

The Drama Club of Stafford International School is a club focused on inculcating and harvesting artistic individual talents and bringing them together to create entertainment, dreams and ambitions.

We strive to bring confidence and educate students on many topics through drama. The club is focused on helping students express themselves through the performing arts whilst reaching their fullest potential in acting.

Objectives of the Club:
  • To build the acting and performing talents of its members.
  • To participate in social activities centered on drama.
  • To enlighten members on various topics through theater.
  • To aid members to empathize with different characters and their situations.
  • To participate in inter-school and international drama competitions and festivals.
  • To produce one senior production a year.
  • Watch and view other productions and cultivate a genuine love for drama.
  • To improve skills and knowledge in scriptwriting, overall production and acting.