The International Awareness Society (IAS)

[For students of Year 7 and above]
Teacher-in-Charge/ Staff Advisor

Michelle Herft

The International Awareness Society is a club that is focused towards inculcating a sense of global accountability within its members.

Objectives of the Society:
  • To educate and spread awareness about the various global issues posed to today’s society.
  • To operate under the four sub-categories: global economy, climate change and sustainable development, human rights and poverty and human security.  
  • To attempt to break stereotypes and raise more awareness about social taboos such as sexual violence, colourism and sexism in a sensitive and mature manner.
  • To be an event-based club that focuses on conducting events that appropriately display the aforementioned categories.
  • To help members become knowledgeable, thoughtful and globally aware of the situations of the world.