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A Healthy Lifestyle at SIS

"Health Week 2019" was organised by the Stafford International School, one of the leading international schools in Colombo, from the 14th to the 18th of October 2019. Many pupils were startled by the opening of ''magic corn'' and ''Roots'', which was beyond their expectation. The school canteen also had a variety of nutritious meals. There was also a ''kola kanda'' stall organised by the secondary students of SIS. The message of eating healthy and wisely was spread vibrantly around the student body.

The primary section also engaged in a variety of activities throughout the whole week. This made it enjoyable and fun for smaller students to participate in. My Julie, Deputy Vice Principal stated: “all the grades had a planned timetable with equally distributed nutritious food. The kindergarden students had a fruit/vegetable kebab activity to make healthy food look presentable and appertizing”.

Further to this the primary school conducted many lessons based on health topics like healthy diets and fitness, to spread awareness on practising these good habits out of school as well. The primary section also had a presentation by ''roots'' on the ''Importance of Fruit''.

The secondary students worked on the topic ''balanced diet'' where they presented their creatively assembled nutritious food and elaborated on how their meal was a healthy one. Students also got together and created posters on the topic ''healthy family, healthy nation'' by getting into teams and bringing essentials to create vibrant and attractive posters. Most students also signed up for an essay competition to get more knowledge and spread awareness.

The health week had many surprising factors that most students did not expect to see. This made it a very fun week for us students to actively participate in! This initiative by the school encouraged healthy eating habits in school and inspired students to practise them outside of the school boundaries as well. Through these initiatives Stafford International School set the benchmark for international schools in Sri Lanka.