Stafford International School Produces Record Breaking O/L and A/L Results

Stafford International School has consistently produced exceptional academic results ever since its inception, 33 years ago. However the 13th of August was an incredible day for Stafford International School. The O/L and A/L results were released on the day and with the results, incredible news was also delivered.

This time the O/L results produced were the best in the history of the school. 1/3 of the students who sat for the examination obtained 7As or more. Aloka Dissasekara and Agbo Pethiyagoda achieved extraordinary results of 9As at the Cambridge O/L Examinations. This exceptional batch of students also had a pass rate of 98%. 7 students in the batch achieved 7 A Stars or more. Approximately 50% of the students achieved all A* to B grades.

18 students in the AS and A2 levels produced results of 3 As or more. Shan Varma Gunasekara achieved the extraordinary achievement of 5As at the AS Level. Senu Gamaarachchi and Lia Augustin produced 4 A* at A2 Level.

Founded in the year 1986 as an independent and private co-educational institute, Stafford International School Colombo 7 has been a consistent performer in the academic sphere. The school also provides the students a wide and exciting range of extracurricular activities. Stafford prides itself on being a small school with a strong commitment to providing individual attention to the students along with outstanding pastoral care in a warm and friendly environment.

The brilliant batch of students who sat for the examinations has collectively exceeded the expectations of many. They have proven to all their incredible capabilities. They certainly evoke our deepest admiration and praise.

TWe extend our heartfelt congratulatory wishes to the students while also offering our gratitude to the staff who worked tirelessly to bring out the best in each and every one of our students!