Taking initiatives to recycle PET plastic by partnering with ‘Give Back Life’ program

Stafford International which is known to be one of the best private schools in Sri Lanka, is the second international school to join Coca-Cola’s ‘Give Back Life’ campaign for PET plastic recovery and recycling in Sri Lanka.

The project has brought together students of leading international schools in Sri Lanka. The students support the campaign by volunteering to bring all PET plastic packaging from their homes to school for recycling. The ‘Give Back Life’ initiative promotes the habit of recycling of PET plastic amongst all students, teachers and management of the school.

PET plastic is any plastic with the number “1” inside the recycling logo which is generally used for water, soft drinks, cooking oil, beauty and personal care products, biscuit trays and also drinking yoghurt and juices. All collected PET plastic packaging is recycled into brooms, brushes, clothing and shoes by the recycling partner, Eco Spindles Pvt. Ltd.

The students and faculty of Stafford International School were keen to partner due to the far-reaching impact they can make by their active participation in collecting all PET plastic packaging from their homes.

The students were conscious of the critical role they play as stewards of the environment. However, it was a new aspiration to realize the contribution they make towards supporting new technology, new growth pathways and thus, driving the recycling industry in Sri Lanka. The students will educate and encourage their families to ensure all PET plastic is separated and collected to facilitate their efforts at school.

Commenting on the project Mr. Suvin Wettimuny - Director, Stafford International School, said, “We appreciate the great work Coca-Cola is doing to prevent plastic pollution in Sri Lanka. The ‘Give Back Life’ initiative ensures that all PET plastic waste does not end up in landfills or litter Sri Lanka’s unique environment. Our students are really motivated to collect volumes of PET plastic bottles and see them ultimately end up as a new product. It gives them a great sense of pride to see their contribution in driving a circular economy.