Why Stafford is among the best international schools in Sri Lanka

Students of SIS playing basketball

Sri Lanka is a charming island that is home to a group of people who possess rich values. The country’s culture and heritage are nurtured by many cultures and ethnicities. The people of the country are known for their exceptional hospitality.

After the end of a 25 year old civil war, the country has shown phenomenal economic growth to become a middle income country. In this context, education in Sri Lanka will play a pivotal role to avoid the middle income trap. With an education system that is outdated, many international schools have emerged to fill in this gap.

Among the many popular international schools in Sri Lanka, Stafford International School is one of the most prominent. Chosen by discerning parents, this iconic establishment has been nurturing children for more than 33 years. The school is certainly renowned for its academic vitality. The teachers of the school are highly dedicated and motivated, to give of their best to the students who call this school their second home. Indeed, it is frequently ranked among the best international schools in Sri Lanka. Located in the heart of Colombo 7, Stafford International School also boasts a phenomenal facility, with a purpose-built auditorium, basketball courts and indoor cricket nets. Due to its convenient location, the students have access to many other sporting facilities just within minutes of the school premises.

It is one of the oldest Sri Lankan international schools. The students of the school have been obtaining exceptional academic results and placements at top global universities since its inception. One of the past Head Prefects of the school was listed in the 2018 Forbes 30 List for extraordinary achievements and contributions to the area of science and was ranked as one of Sri Lanka’s most influential women.

The Primary School of Stafford International School boasts of a team of dedicated teachers who believe that each individual child deserves a chance to blossom in his or her unique way. The social skills which are needed to win the world are gently inculcated in their minds through student centred teaching methods.

The children who pass through the hands of these dedicated teachers are in a better position to tackle the challenges of transitioning to the life of the Secondary School. Once they move onto the Secondary school the students are taught the value of team work and social interaction in creative and effective ways. They are encouraged to deal with the emotional challenges that are part and parcel of this transition phase in a healthy manner by a dedicated teaching staff and community where they can feel at home.

The small school environment at Stafford, typically invites strong support from parents and the school management. This can lead to a strong sense of identification and belonging and an environment where anyone can thrive. The exceptional results and success of their alumni speaks for itself.