Discussing Designing

The Design Club of Stafford International School organized a workshop on the 5th of October which was run by the Academy of Design. It was an amazing experience as the participants discussed the difference between art and design. That’s right, they’re different! Described as a very interactive workshop, it shed light on choosing design as a career path and the uses of design in everyday life.

“Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, whether or not we are aware of it, and can also be inspiring, empowering and enlightening.”

– Alice Rawsthorn

I can’t help but agree with this statement as it was obvious that design had captured the hearts of all the parties present at the meeting. “I believe that it was a workshop full of creativity. It was amazing to see those present use their ideas and thoughts throughout the workshop” said Chithru Gunawardena, President of the Design Club. The students partaking in the workshop were given a chance to design a useful object inspired by nature, amazing results were produced! As all good things do, the workshop came to an end. However, it ended on a high note, a Q & A session which engaged all the members!

- Jaden David