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Memorable Memories

from the Teachers’ Day Program 2021

Teachers’ day was celebrated throughout Sri Lanka on the 6th of October 2021, with countless happy smiles and appreciative gestures. In commemoration of this extremely special day, the Media Club of Stafford International School conducted an exciting event- the Teachers’ Day Program- which was held during the interval, through the Microsoft Teams platform. The heartfelt event placed the most crucial aspect of SIS at its core focus- the absolutely exceptional teachers!

The event was hosted by Sayuri Herath, the president of the Media Club. To kick off the happenings, Meth Abeysinghe and Humaid Saleem, the head girl and boy of SIS, spoke about the wonderful teachers at SIS. Humaid brought to life several personal anecdotes as well- the stories from debating to getting late for register marking were as sincere as they were hilarious. 

Mr Simon Northcott, the principal of SIS, spoke about the “absolutely fantastic” teachers too. He stated that “’teachers are the engine room and key aspect of the school” which is definitely true as they are the biggest reason for why SIS is as amazing as it is!

Next, Tharuxni Mohanarajah, a student from year 11, recited a poem that she had written especially for her beloved teachers. It contained several touching lines such as “No matter who, no matter where/ You only care to make us a debonair” and “For when I am low or I don’t know/ You understood and tell me how/ To start anew.”

Last, but definitely not least, two members of the Gavel Club of SIS- Bhupesh Selvanayagam and Savith Herath- gave a few words. Savith spoke about how online learning has had immense negative impacts on students’ education, but nevertheless the teachers stood up high against the continuous challenges to make sure that their students got education no matter what.

The event was a great success and is sure to be a heart-warming memory for both the teachers and the students who were part of it. Once again, for it cannot be said enough times, thank you teachers for everything you have done for your students! We deeply appreciate it from the top, bottom and middle of our hearts. 

- Ramudhi de Silva