A Week of Chemistry

Chemistry! A subject that was founded in the 17th century in ancient Egypt by Robert Boyle. Another name for this esteemed subject is Alchemy.  Even though three centuries have passed, it has always been a headache for students, a passion for teachers and the subject of many debates for scientists. The moment someone says “chemistry exam”, we imagine students prepared and confident. However, in reality, the adults of the next generation are praying for exams to be cancelled and if not, they are making preparations for their funerals. In fact, chemistry is not that different from cooking. The only difference is to know when to not lick the spoon.

Without chemistry our world would not exist and neither would we. There isn’t a better statement to describe how important the subject is. Without chemistry we wouldn’t have sodium chloride (salt) and without salt water we wouldn’t have the free, wide seas and the peaceful waves. We would lose nature without chemistry. We would lose water. Thirst is one of the worst experiences to go through. Without the chapter on purification in chemistry, we would have had vast amounts of impurities in medicine. In one word, the world would be hazardous.

Now that we are aware of the importance of this subject, we should take few minutes to thank all of the people out there who are teaching and researching chemistry specifically in consideration of chemistry week- October 17th to 23rd. The more energy you put into a bond the harder it is to break so please, devote some of your energy to chemistry.

- Tharuxni Mohanrajah