Dealing with stress – some quick fixes!

Exams can be stressful and generate worry and pressure. However, this pressure can be helpful, as it can help set your mind on the right track and enable you to focus and prioritize. It is natural to feel scared and out of place before an exam. Dealing with stress and pressure can be a hard thing to do so here are some tips to help you…

  1. Look at it from another point of view.

Many people might have already told you this, but exams do not define you. They aren’t everything. Just because you may not have reached your expectation in terms of marks does not mean your life has to come to a halt. There will be other opportunities for you although it may not seem like that at first.

3. Find someplace comfortable

Think about a place you can work well, a spot which agrees to your style of studying. Not everyone feels comfortable working or studying in a library, it can be too quiet for some, maybe they like working in a noisy place so they don’t feel so isolated and alone. There isn’t a set place or time to learn, it’s about what works for you.

5. Get support from friends and family
One of the main reasons students feel stressed is because they compare themselves to other people. Know your own capacity and do not feel embarrassed about it. No one is the same and therefore not all of us can match the score of the smartest person in the group. If your parents have high and unrealistic expectations for you, talk to them and help them understand. Communication will reduce the feeling of unwanted stress.

2. Eat, sleep and focus on yourself too.

Yes, focusing on your exams and studying to get a good result is important. Pulling all-nighters and studying vigorously, on the other hand, is not going to help. Exercise. It is proven that exercising increases your blood flow and it is one of the most efficient ways to de-stress. Studying for hours straight is not going to help. Sleeping gives your brain a break and helps process the things you have learned.

4. Developing good habits

It is always great to prepare for an exam beforehand. It can help you focus and work on the areas where you might doubt yourself. This can help reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety as well. Getting rid of any distractions and having a tidy workspace can help too. Making sure you have enough space to spread your books, and having enough light is an important factor. Sometimes having a neat and tidy workspace with adequate space and lighting is all you need to help you focus and concentrate.

6. Do not put your social life on hold

Saying you’re doing a huge amount of revision and neglecting your friends is not going to help. It is not a productive or efficient way of working long term. This doesn’t mean you should spend every evening or morning socializing during an exam period however, it is a mistake to disregard your social life completely. Inviting one or two friends over to just hang out and chat may be the best way to relax and stop stressing.

- Cassandra Karunakalage