Literary Thoughts; Annual Journal

Do you want to showcase your literary talents and display your writing on a convenient platform? Look no further than Literary Thoughts: Annual Journal 2021!

The English Literary Association, set on its mission to further members’ literary talents, is launching its latest project: An Annual Journal which will include works of its members. The aim of the Journal is to exhibit the literary creations of our peers. Moreover, we aim to encourage those who are hesitant to share their work to do so in a friendly and welcoming space.

In preparation for the Journal, two workshops were held: a workshop on poetry by Mr. Sandesh Bartlett on the 5th of October and a prose writing workshop by Dr. George Cooke on the 19th of October. These workshops accomplished their goals of teaching members about different aspects of poetry and prose writing as well as letting them exercise their writing muscles and inspiring them to create their future masterpieces.

Submissions for the Journal opened on the 21st of October and will close on the 21st of November. The Journal is open to both members and non-members of the ELA. Any student in Year 6 or above is eligible to submit their writing.

If you want your work featured in the Journal, contact 077 334 6739 or 071 483 1550 to obtain the link for submissions. Alternatively, send your work in to with your full name, class and contact number.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!