On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

I would like to inform you that we have successfully completed our breast cancer awareness project – “On Wednesday We Wear Pink”.

During the month of October, the Social Services Club of Stafford International School conducted the project titled, “On Wednesday We Wear Pink” in hopes of raising awareness in relation to the disease, breast cancer. It is a way of showing our support to those in need. The project was conducted in 3 phases:

Phase 1: The Social Services Club began our project by informing our members on the upcoming event after which we asked the members to send in a photograph of them wearing pink, holding a sign on which “#BREASTCANCERAWARENESS” was written in order to show their support and stand with those affected by the disease. A video was then made and shown to the members as well as the Indira Cancer Trust team.

Phase 2: The second stage of our project involved a collaboration with the Indira Cancer Trust Hospital. The collaboration consisted of an interactive and educational program provided by the Indira Cancer Trust team. The program discussed the importance of awareness in terms of the disease and was followed by a presentation on early detection where TLC (touch, look, check) was discussed. The session was concluded with a moving survivor’s story and her journey against breast cancer. The program was conducted via zoom and we are proud to say that many teachers, members of the club and students of Stafford International attended the meeting.

Phase 3: Finally, as a strong way to close our project, the Executive committee members decided to collect donations for the “Birthday program” held by the hospital, which provides gifts and treats to all the children in their pediatric ward for their respective birthdays, as a token of our appreciation as well as recognition to the great work done throughout the years by the Indira Cancer Trust Hospital. We are thankful for the donations made by both the students and the teachers of Stafford. We thrilled to say we managed to collect Rs 24,500 exactly.

We would like to thank Dhahamsi Premaratne (President), Sayuri Herath (Vice President), Anagi Kariyawasm (Secretary), Abdur Fazl (Treasurer), Lohan Perera (Head of Media), Miss Nirodha (Teacher in Charge) and Miss Michelle (Head of Clubs and Societies) for making this project a success.

- SSC Executive Committee