Prose with Dr. Cooke!

Students at Stafford were gifted the lucky opportunity to attend an online workshop to learn about the art of prose writing, taught by diplomatic historian and strategist, Dr George Cooke, who has been teaching Speech and Drama for more than twenty years. This meeting was organised by the founders of the English Literary Association: Kashia Dias and Ramudhi de Silva.

“It was a very interesting workshop where we got to know the ins and outs of character development!” commented Ramudhi, “Dr Cooke really brought to light the importance of presenting a character effectively, in order to make them someone who the reader can connect with and never forget, and how crucial it is to write down the story of the character, instead of letting it lay forgotten forever.”

Students were asked to think of a character, and then write about their background, where they came from, what led them to the moment they were in, allowing them to develop a sense of importance, so the readers can relate to them.
This workshop was all-in-all, a success, and taught students an effective skill they can take with them in the future.

- Nethra Vigneswaran