In the course of this unruly situation we are experiencing, many healthcare centers, primarily situated in rural areas, may face struggles regarding the equipment used in the hospital. In further detail, they face shortcomings in providing healthcare to their patients due to their lack in hospital equipment.

This is currently being experienced by the divisional hospital of Wahalkada, situated in Anuradhapura. It is a clinic which provides services towards an estimated population of around over 20,000 people. The Wahalkada hospital is one out of many others facing this issue.

Considering the now prevailing conditions regarding health, the need for these appliances is be quite crucial. In addition to the many health conditions that we may come across in our day to day lives, we have been withstanding the occurring pandemic which has taken a huge toll on the health of majority of the population.  Because of this insufficiency, many patients seeking treatment at this health center are unlikely to receive the medical assistance they require which would cause further suffering.

In the hopes of helping find a solution to this situation, the Healthcare Society of Stafford International School is launching ‘Respire’, a charity to which donations will be made in order to remedy the issues concerning the hospital’s equipment and bring hope to all patients who may encounter such difficulties.

The goal which they aspire to attain is to receive enough donations in order to provide funding for the lifesaving equipment the hospital requires. The targeted equipment would include ECG machines, cervical collars and multi monitors among others. 

With the assistance of your donations, the Healthcare Society will acquire the necessary resources to accomplish the charity’s intentions of providing the people of Wahalkada with the healthcare facilities they need, as well as improving the medical standards of the hospital and thus, the lives of thousands of patients.

Keep in mind that a small donation of yours, will go a long way and will be treasured!

- Akayla Gonawela