The Gaming Tournament: Valorant

The Valorant tournament was the first event of the annual year held by the ICT society, and was a great start for the club.

The tournament commenced on the 7th of November from 3pm to 6:30pm. Four teams competed in several matches and the team with the most amount of wins would emerge as the winner of the tournament. The teams were TEAM SILENCERS, ASPECT, HAB1T and AKATSUKI. After several matches, AKATSUKI became the winner of the first tournament.

The members of AKATSUKI consisted of:


The tournament took a lot of planning however, the committee worked relentlessly tournament was concluded without a hitch despite online restrictions. After a couple of zoom meetings, the committee created a WhatsApp group and advertised the tournament. We managed to accumulate a total of around 30 participants by the end of registration. In spite of connection issues and other various problems, the committee, consisting of Savith, Shivani, Mustafaa, Nirone, Thanujan, Thushanth, Ayyub, Dhulidhe and Chiran all contributed to the success of the tournament.

The club has many plans for the future, despite the inability to organize physical events, and we encourage every Staffordian from Year 9 and above to join the club for events such as gaming tournaments and programming workshops.


  • Red background with Valorant logo
  • Text and textboxes should be white (contrasting colour)
  • Use discord logo
  • Add Valorant character to the side (Character name is Jett)