World Peace Day.

“World Peace Day”, also known as “The International Day of Peace” is celebrated every year on November 17th. It is an annual day of peace, founded by Don Morris of Miami, Florida in 1997, thus earning him the nickname “Peaceguy” which is extremely fitting. World Peace Day encourages and teaches humanity to be kind and respectful to others. A day of international peace and harmony amid the violence, war, terror, and the current pandemic is not only welcome and wanted, it is needed.

World Peace Day exists so that we, as people, can raise awareness regarding many issues which impact peace around the world– issues which most people consider taboo or are simply not exposed enough to the world around us to consider or contemplate. For example; racism, sexism, climate change, animal abuse, war, politics and any other conversations which are even the slightest bit uncomfortable to discuss are ignored. It is for this reason that World Peace Day was created, to share solutions to problems and learn that kindness and respect should be shown to anyone and anything. World Peace Day shows everyone that peace is not something easy to achieve, it is something everyone has to work towards.

As people who inhabit this world, we must attempt stop climate change, animal abuse, political problems, war, racism, sexism and so much more to fully achieve world peace. The list of all issues in the world is never ending, yet one small act of kindness may initiate others. Do your part.

World Peace Day sheds light on all the injustice and negativity in the world and how we should make an effort to change this.

Here are some ways YOU can help make a change: donate money to charity, help the disabled and poor, plant trees, run beach trash collections and volunteer to help in animal rescue centres. Most charities give the unfortunate richer meals on this day and people tend to litter less on World Peace Day. This day has many benefits that are simply immeasurable.

However, despite the best efforts to promote positivity, we are not going to achieve peace by just giving children and adults a holiday, celebrating, creating a poster and posting a picture on how your family is celebrating on Instagram. Tiny motivational steps, on the other hand may allow people to take a leap forward in improving life on this planet and that is an amazing way to promote peace and harmony!

The goal of World Peace Day is to spread peace. So, if you want to help spread peace during these trying times, you need to acknowledge and celebrate World Peace Day as well as help spread peace, love and kindness in any way you can!

- Mukarram Jameel