Annual Encounter 2019

The British School in Colombo was restricted to 113 runs in 37.4 overs. Pradyun Saikia was the
only batsman to defy the bowlers scoring 59 off 89 balls with nine hits to the ropes and one
over. Shiram Shyamsunder captured three wickets while Shiven Jayarathna and Elesh Umagiliya
captured two wickets each.
The Stafford International batsmen knocked up the winning runs in 24.1 overs with seven
wickets in hand to register back to back wins in the annual encounter
The Stafford International team ably led by Shriram Shyamsunder comprised Sampras De
Silva,Avesh Polonowita,Elesh Umagiliya, Mayukhe Peiris, Ahamed Noordeen, Nadith
Gunawardena, Pravan Jems Williams, Shiven Jayarathna, Jaden Christy and Prethan Ramesh
while the British School team comprised Kavinda Subasinghe (captain), Rahul Chigullapalli (wk),
Pradyun Saikia, Salman Akbarally, Dillon David, Senuka Dharmakeerthi, Vishinu Praveen,
Thishan Kahandawalaarachchi, Theekshana Nawinne, Rashvin Senanayake and Aaryan Amlean .

MAN OF THE MATCH – Pravan Williams (Stafford)
BEST BATSMAN – Pradyun Saikia (British School)
BEST ALL ROUNDER – Shriram Shyamsunder (Stafford)
BEST BOWLER – Elesh Umagiliya (Stafford)
BEST FIELDER – Jaden Christy (Stafford)
MOST SIXES – Pravan Williams (Stafford) – five sixes

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