Commerce Day of Stafford International School

The 10th of March 2014 was no ordinary school day for the students of Stafford International School. Monday marked the 1stever Commerce Day under the simple yet relevant theme “Efectivo”. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Reeza Zarook, CEO of

The drama and advertisements performed by Form 4, filled the room with energy and laughter, as it displayed not only basic commerce information, but show-cased realistic situations that weren’t altered by false scenarios.

The day was a huge success but one thing has to be pointed out: if it wasn’t for the hard work of the teacher in charge, Ms. Sharmila Zackie, none of the events would have unfolded as perfectly as they did. The students too, a large population of who faced mock-examinations in just 9 days, threw their heart and soul into the developing of the event.

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