Unforgetable very first IT DAY @ STAFFORD

On the 20th of February 2014, the ICT Society of Stafford International School organized the school’s very first IT Day, “CYBERHIVE 2014”.

IT related events were hosted such as quiz competitions in which students of Forms II, III, IV and V were tested on their IT knowledge as well as their general knowledge. Form V emerged as the winners in this event.

An animation competition was also held in which Dunith Silva of Form V was placed 1st for the best animation. The students witnessed the presentation skills of the pupils in Form IV when they conducted a presentation on ‘Social Networking’.

The IT Society was also able to provide awareness about ‘Cyber Security’ to the audience. This presentation was done by Mr. Boshan Dayaratne and it was an engaging and interesting experience for all.

The highlight of this event would have had to be Mr. Dhananjaya Hettiarachchi’s motivational speech. The spectators enjoyed this sector of the program immensely as the speech was not only motivational but very exciting and much encouragement was made available to the students.

The program would not have been successful if it was not for the guidance and support given by the teachers in charge of the ICT Society, Ms. Sonalie Fernando, Mrs. Sameeka Seneviratne, Mrs. Nelum Senanayake, Ms. Dilani Soysa and Mr. Dilan Danushka. Due to the team effort and dedication put forth by the board members and all the members of the ICT Society, an event that was unforgettable and one which will remain in the hearts of all Staffordians was hosted.

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