Lower Six

What Covid 19 has done to our batch

Most of those in my batch have never sat an official O level or A level examination in their school life due to Covid-19. Instead, we had to go through the stress of studying the same concepts over and over again, only to have our exams cancelled at the last minute due to problems such as lockdown and a sudden spiral of Covid cases in Sri Lanka. This was truly stressful for us students, and we would have definitely preferred to sit the official exam for O levels and A levels. But nothing could be changed, and school did the best they can, so we need to remain optimistic. For our batch, we had the application exam, mocks, two sets of assessments, all of which we had to take seriously as they would all be counted for the final predicted grade. Having to study the same concepts over and over can be exhausting. These exams really pushed our limits, but in the end we all made it to the final stretch, which will be the 2nd set of assessments. I encourage everyone to remain strong during these times because this will all be over before we know it, and I’m sure that all of us can push through and end up with the final grades that we need for our future.

Savith Herath
Lower 6A
Tinel Karunaratne
Lower 6A