Stafford International School In Colombo | Yearbook 2021

Message from the Editors

365 days, 12 months, 8750 hours and 525,019 minutes.  
That’s how long it has been since we as a student body were together in school. 

Despite the disappointment that we as students have faced with the closure of physical school for over a year, this year has proved to be one of great prosperity and success. From an academic perspective, the attainment of exceptional results from our brilliant O Level and A Level students, and the entry of our graduates into world renowned universities has proven that nothing has changed in terms of our commitment to hard work and dedication.  

If anything, this previous year has exemplified the innovation and talent that we nurture here at Stafford. The mushrooming of clubs and societies and the amazing work and impressive engagement they have been able to achieve with students, is truly outstanding. From live webinars to charismatic Zoom meetings, various workshops appealing to any and all, it is clear that none of us had time to be bored – thanks to the multiple projects carried out by our clubs and societies. School spirit appears to be more passionate than ever before due to the deep-rooted solidarity Covid-19 has inculcated in us.  

Having started online school once again after one month of physical school last year, was something that definitely was not expected by students. The constant anticipation for the reopening of school was a mutual feeling felt by both teachers and students alike.  

To our students, we as the editorial committee are proud of you. Online school during a pandemic took a huge toll on all of us but we made it through and have got to the stage where we now appreciate the small moments with our classmates and teachers that we often took for granted. To our teachers, who have continuously worked hard trying your best even if this whole online teaching had been alien to you a couple months back, thank you for giving us the best, even during the hardest of times. We are truly grateful and are in constant awe of the superpower you hold. 

Following the tradition set last year by our 2019/2020 Yearbook, this year’s School Magazine sought to showcase our students’ creativity and passion and provide some light during these dark and anxious times. A magnanimous thank you to our Board of Directors, staff and School Management for their unwavering support. Most importantly, we truly appreciate the students, without whom this Magazine would be non-existent. 

Last but not least, a hearty thank you to our teachers-in-charge Ms. Mifthah Khan, Ms. Michelle Herft and Mr. Oshanthaka Cabraal and our editorial team – Chrishelle, Manishee, Ayman, Amaya and Meth for making the School Magazine for the year 2020/2021 the best one yet. 

Look back on the inspiring pieces our students have been able to concoct within their imaginative minds, and be prepared to laugh, fantasize, be inspired, and perhaps even shed a tear when revisiting treasured memories. 

Editorial Committee
School Magazine 2020/2021

Yearbook Committee

Ms. Mifthah Khan
Ms. Michelle Herft
Mr. Oshanthaka Cabraal
Meth Abeysinghe
Amaya Perer
Ayman Ibrahim
Manishee Perera
Chrishelle Sathiarajah