Year Four

The Small Boutique

One sunny day, there was a boy named Tom. He had a younger brother Harvy, but they only have their mother. They don’t have money, so Tom had an idea that if they sold things in Gwildor village, they could earn a little money. They started a small boutique called Gwildor Goods. Day by day their little boutique began to get famous, but after a month they sold everything they had and there were no goods to sell. There was a massive crowd outside the shop to buy goods. Tom and Harvy searched and searched and searched, but they only found some ants. Both of them cried to their mother “Mom, we don’t have anything to sell”. Their mother was shocked and exclaimed to the people “Everyone please excuse us, we don’t have anything to sell, we are sorry, please go home, we will reopen the boutique very soon!”

Days passed by with fear, then suddenly one day, mother asked her sons to come to their backyard. Then she said “I have a great idea, we must upgrade our backyard and plant vegetables, fruits and do some harvesting. It will help us to earn money”. The sons also agreed to her idea. Then they energetically started working in the backyard, on the left, vegetables, on the right fruits and in the middle of them, flowers. After several months they upgraded and renamed the shop as “Season Shop” and started to sell things from their backyard.  Their shop became famous and they started several boutiques in Gwildor Village

The End.

Arasu Vithun
Year 4B
Katelyn Samath
Year 4C
Simrah Shiraz
Year 4A

Quarantine School

Studying in Stafford is so great,
Not a lot of homework to complete,
I’m so happy I’m in the school,
There I have friends and mates.

 I do what I’m told because I obey,
I love my teachers and listen to what they say,
When the day is finished, I see the setting sun,
I remember my school is great and lots of fun.

 We study hard and ace our exams,
We jump for joy and sing and dance!

Maths, Science anything is easy,
Geography, Tamil, it’s lemon squeezy.

English teaches a lot more
I learn new words, out they pour!

I miss meeting my friends in school,
But we can see each other online, that’s cool!

Neriya M Venkat
Year 4C