Year in Review

2020 / 2021



January 8th

Application Exams began for OLs and ALs


February 4th

Independence Day Celebrations

The students of Years 5 & 6 celebrated Independence Day in the full festive spirit by honoring each of their cultures and traditions virtually.

Here is their fantastic video

The Culture Club also presented an educational video for the occasion –

February 11th

Founders Days

As the school commemorated 61 years, the Media Club decided to celebrate with a full-scale online event. Interviews were conducted with the Principal, the Academic Director and the Head Prefect via Instagram live, with students sharing their favourite moments in school on their stories, alongside nostalgic memoirs and hopeful messages from past and present Staffordians. The day truly brought the whole school together, despite the distance from our Alma Mater itself.

Check all the videos here:


March 4th

If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name

How exciting! The 2021 theme for World Book Day theme was “share a story” – the students of year 5 decided to dress up as their favourite book characters and act out ingenious skits. 

March 15th

A Good Deed

The Social Services Club made a donation with a total of LKR 155,150 to the Salvation Army Elderly Home located in Rajagiriya. The establishment had expressed the inescapable difficulties they had to face resulting from the lack of adult diapers they had in stock which added to their hardships caused by COVID-19. Seeing the faces of the occupants truly humbled our students and opened their eyes to the importance of being charitable and altruistic for those who genuinely need it.


April 1st

Precepts Induction!

The much-awaited badging of our 2020/2021 prefects happened finally! It was honestly amazing to see all our outstanding students hold an oil lamp and pledge to uphold the school’s values.

April 4th

Happy Easter!

The students of year 5 & 6 students wished everyone an egg-stra special Easter this year by showcasing their artistic talents. See them here:

April 14th

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

At the Sri Lanka Schools Debating Championship 2021, hosted by the Faculty of Law, Team A consisting of Christian Fernando, Humaid Saleem, and Jahan Cader, made it to the Quarter Finals, beating their achievement as Octo Finalists at the same tournament in 2020. Team A broke at Henleys and STCS this year as well. What an achievement!

April 26th

Exams 📚🎒📝

Edexcel Advanced Level Unseen Exams begin


May 7th

Red Dot Challenge

Inspired by UNICEF India in celebration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day the Interact Club aimed to promote menstrual hygiene, and collectively inspire everyone to talk candidly about menstruation. Truly impressive.

May 12th


The students of Kindergarten celebrated EId in style this year making wonderful arts and crafts to highlight the beauty of the festive day.

See their creativity here:

May 26th

The Beacons of May

The students of KDG celebrated Vesak by showcased their exquisite taste by making beautiful Vesak lanterns –

The Culture Club hosted a ‘The Lantern Competition’ to commemorate Vesak as well

6th May

Exams 📚🎒📝

Cambridge Ordinary Level Exams Begin


June 6th


The Interact Club raised awareness on the issue of catcalling and sexual harassment prevalent in our society. For this purpose, students were asked to narrate their stories and experiences of sexual harassment anonymously. These were then posted online (with the permission of the responders) as a campaign to raise awareness of this problem.

June 13th

Mini Book Market

Considering the financial constraints today and the possibility of inculcating sustainable purchasing, the Book Club established a mini-school book market where students can buy or sell books at a discounted rate of 60%. The club only acted as the exchange medium – and made no financial transactions. We are proud to say that they have made over 60 matches this year!

June 15th


The Commerce Society helped encourage students to take up Economics, Accounting, and Business for their AS and A levels via Instagram videos. The videos featured both AS and A2 students sharing their experiences of the subjects and explains the importance of the relevant subjects for AS and A2.

Watch them here;


July 1st

Educating Ourselves

The Psychology Club conducted research on 5 mental health disorders that are prevalent in students and teenagers; these include depression, generalized anxiety disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, and ADHD –

Students were informed about these disorders with reference to exact definitions, signs, and statistics of the disorders. Additionally, it indicated the steps that should be followed if signs are visible. 

July 3rd

Be the Light, not the Spark

The International Awareness Society hosted the “Brighter Tomorrow Contest” to encourage students to express their views and demonstrate their leadership skills by talking about a global topic of their choice in an intellectual and meaningful way. Our students most definitely raised their voices and were heard.

July 6th

Satffordians Assemble!

The academic school year ended on a high note with the virtually interactive assemblies. We had our Principal, Mr. Simon Northcott, ourHead Prefect Sandani Rubasinghe and our Deputy Head Prefects Agbo Pethiyagoda, and Mayukhe Peris speak at each of the assemblies. Click the links below to hear their speeches:

July 7th


Conducted by an AOD lecturer, the Design Club explored the world of illustration by learning how to draw comics under the topic of a funny moment. We all had a good laugh reading all our students’ comics!

July 12th

Cookies Galore!

The Culinary Arts Club held their first workshop teaching students how to make cookie doe and about safety tips when using a microwave and oven. It was a major success; students showed their creativity and cooking skills that could rival Gorden Ramsey.

July 19th


The English Literary Association held their first workshop where they discussed their favourite books and why they enjoyed them. This helped our students engage and interact with each other, forming precious bonds of friendship. The students took the chance to describe their favourite poem in 3 words and discussed haikus, lune poetry, and kelly lunes. The session ended on a high note, with members sharing their poetry and commenting on each other’s work.

July 22nd

Say No to Pollution

The Conservation and Adventure Club held a poster competition to educate our students on various types of pollution. This was a great success as they reached hundreds of people with these posters which were elegantly designed by our own students. We all certainly learned a lot about current environmental problems.

July 24th

Making Future Leaders

At MCMUN, the novice-friendly conference enabled many novice delegates of Stafford to attend and broaden their knowledge of real-world issues. We bagged many awards as well! Well done team!