Stafford International School In Colombo | Yearbook 2021 - Year in Review

Year in Review

2020 / 2021



May 21st

The new Lower Sixes had their orientation program.

May 27th

commencing L6 online classes

May 27th

commencing L6 online classes


August 25th

  • U6, L6 & Y1: started in-person classes
  • Y10: small in-person classes
  • Y6-Y9: blended learning
  • Reception-Y5: blended learning


September 24th

Interact Club – Colour Day

From 6 AM till 1:30 PM fancy shoes and designer clothes filled every possible space in each classroom on this opportunity for everyone to see each other from a different perspective. There is nothing quite like it to boost school spirit and encourage unity among students.

September 26th


Interact Club held its 29th Installation, themed “Empower; A Sustained Impact” and proceeded to successfully carry out a plethora of projects. The reason they were able to do so efficiently was wholeheartedly due to the members’ collective team efforts and aptness to create online projects.


October 1st

Children’s Day

Children’s Day was a day filled with glee and laughter. From exciting magic shows in the Primary and customized pens, this Children’s Day proved to be one for the books.

October 16th-23rd

Hear! Hear!

Gavel Club hosted their 3rd Intra Gavel Tournament where they encouraged many to make their voices heard, revealing their creativity and showcase their confidence and talent on stage. The event ended triumphantly with several winners.

October 30th

Spooky Friday

Starting with tongue twisters, and organized skits for the members of the club, the students presented spooky plays, aided by scary backgrounds, faced pumpkins, killer joker makeup, witches with magical brooms, and wicked accents, alongside spooky face masks. The performances were a great start to our quarantine day, as they were funny, exciting, and best of all SPOOKY!

October 31st

Virtual Halloween

Social Services Club held an Online Halloween Competition where they had six categories for the participants to choose from – Makeup Looks, Marvel/DC characters, Your Favorite Book characters, Cartoon characters, Your Role Model, and Netflix TV Show/Movie characters. We were all taken aback by how creative and clever our students were!


November 5th

Social Dilemma

In collaboration with the Interact Club of Saint Thomas College Mount Lavinia, the Interact Club held a debate on the problems of social media, inspired by the documentary “Social Dilemma”, which was viewed by an audience consisting of members from the two interactive clubs. Ps: We Won!

November 13th

Bloom in Kindness

To promote goodness and kindness, teachers in the Primary put a huge effort into decorating classrooms and encouraging the students to stay engaged in this project. By doing as many good deeds as possible, our students were thought to exert kindness towards others all the time.

November 16th

Saraswathi Pooja

Following a tradition of over 60 years, the annual Saraswathi Pooja was held virtually via Zoom. The event paid homage to the Hindu deities and all students of various religious backgrounds were invited to participate. It truly was a spectacle to watch!

November 18th

Project Roots

Along with the generous sponsorship of Thuru, Interact Club aimed to promote organic home gardening under the Green Life project – ‘Project Roots’. Under this initiative, they equipped enthusiastic home gardeners with a special pack which consisted of potting soil, 4 seed packets of various varieties, etc. which get delivered straight to the home gardeners. This green initiative is aimed towards inspiring and educating students, parents, teachers, and other Interactors on the benefits of organic home farming and fostering an appreciation for how blessed we are to have such nourishing soil.

November 20th

Breaking Out Those Moves

Year 4 displaced their bomb and cute dance moves! Stepping onto their homemade dance floors with a great sense of swag, they showed us their Tik Tok moves and dazzling smiles. Lets Groove!

Jacked on Zoom

The Interact Club focused on maintaining our students’ fitness during the lockdown period. Each participant joined a zoom call on their chosen session for each challenge day. Participants were then to share the ways they’ve been keeping themselves disciplined mentally and physically during the lockdown period. Phew- we most certainly broke a sweat there!

November 26th

Social Breakdown

The Interact Club aimed to educate students about the issues such as domestic violence, online learning, and comparing our own experiences in Sri Lanka versus that of someone our age across the world in the US, that plague today’s society. They allowed our school’s youngsters to engage in a setting where they can engage their media skills, in compiling scripts and conducting interviews professionally.


December 5th

Stop the Spread & Home Fitness

Keeping fit during a pandemic is not easy- we all like to binge eat! The Healthcare Soceity showed us the importance of keeping fit and staying safe by instructing students to stay up to date with workouts given by coaches. They spread awareness to emphasize the importance of adhering to government regulations and encouraging others to do the simple things that make a large impact on their safety.

December 14th

Exam Stress – How to Deal with It?

Joining hands with Chokolaate, a youth-orientated magazine, the Interact Club educated our students on the need for good time management to reduce the amount of stress during exam preparation by planning ahead. We all learned some excellent exam tips!

December 16th

Casual Business

The Commerce Society held an online event focused largely on the impact of Covid-19 on businesses in the education sector, the banking and finance sector, and on businesses including startups. It goes on to talk about the plans that were put into action as a result of the pandemic and how it will affect the future planning of the respective industry. We all gained an insight into the response of businesses to the pandemic.

December 21st

Cooking – Christmas Edition

Following the Christmas spirit, the Culture club initiated ‘Cooking with a Cultural Twist (Christmas Edition)’ was initiated. A cookbook made up of recipes created by the members of the club. We cannot wait to try them out this year!

December 23rd

Festive Spirits

Christmas is a time of spreading joy and love and the people who know best how to celebrate are our students. This year the Drama & Media Clubs collaborated to bring some Christmas Magic! Creating 4 scripts, the members put on a fantastic virtual performance.

The school choir also joined in on the festive spirit by holding an outstanding virtual carol service that was streamed on the schools’ Youtube channel –

December 24th

To the Rescue!

The Animal Rescue Club rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed 5 puppies. The club helped rescue and transport the pups abandoned in a half-constructed building- they now have all found loving homes. Great acts of kindness like these always go a long way in our hearts and in our furry friends.