Sectional Head Reports

The last year has been challenging in many unprecedented ways. It gives me great satisfaction to see how we at Stafford International School, have managed to navigate the uncertainty in a manner that has yielded positive results. The Lower Sixes and Upper Sixes have produced exceptional results at their exams, and have proved that despite dire circumstances they are able to focus on the task at hand. I believe that is a testament to your capability, tenacity and potential. I have no doubt that all of you will leave Stafford with the courage to face any obstacle and face it with grace. 

I wish all the students the very best, and hope that you will not forget to always do your alma mater proud!

Shanil Jayasekara
Head of Upper School

Our students, have achieved success in many diverse areas. You consistently demonstrate hard work and determination. However, though there are many attributes you display every day, there are two qualities that you all have shown that makes us all proud: adaptability and perseverance. These two qualities have been tested past year and when times were hard, you adapted to meet the changes and persevered when it became challenging. Covid – 19 forced us to make many changes since February 2020 – we had school online, had virtual events and missed our friends. As we move forward, you continue to demonstrate diligence, motivation and determination to work to the best of your ability. Your growth and maturity over these years have been professionally fulfilling to observe.

I look forward to your continued success during this extraordinary period and wish you the best of luck.

Sonali Hettiaratchy
Head of Middle School