The Saraswathi pooja was celebrated at Stafford International School

The Saraswathi pooja was celebrated on October 2, 2014 by the enthusiastic students of Stafford International School. Although it is a Hindu festival, this year was a landmark event in the history of the Stafford International School as it included students of all religions. This was possible due to the Principal and management of the school, recognising the significance of this festival which is primarily devoted to students pursuing education and all art forms.

The basketball court was transformed into a riot of bright colours with the costumes, traditional decoration of flowers, Thoranam and Kolam which was created by the students. The Pooja was performed by the A2 students invoking the blessings of goddess Saraswathi who is the godess of learning and arts.

Navarathri is the celebration of 9 nights for three goddesses, Durga for strength, Lakshmi for material wealth and finally Saraswathi for education. Students all came together to delight the audience of the middle and upper school with a variety of 14 items of dance, song, instruments and drama interspersed with explanations by the students. These items were possible due to the commitment and hard work of the teacher in charge Mrs. Nilani Pathmanarayanan and staff members. The programme ended with everyone enjoying the traditional sweets and savouries made for such an occasion.

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